• Ive paid And Still Cant View Pics

    Started by Json7: Why is this?

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  • Perhaps ?

    Started by Androgen: Could there possibly be an off topic section where we could post and discuss thing not particularly related to the specifics of PE. Maybe exercise,...

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  • new posts?

    Started by pehanger: Before I continue let me say I am used to vbulletin and phpbb for boards, but the new posts tab doesn't ever seem to bring up unread threads/posts...

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  • Photos

    Started by mqab: I thought that I read somewhere that the issue with viewing before and after pics was corrected or would be corrected shortly a little while back. I...

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  • Editing posts

    Started by TenInchGoal: Editing posts does not work for me at all. I get 2 boxes when I click Edit. The one that says "Save" does nothing but add...

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  • Subscription

    Started by TenInchGoal: Is this really 2.0 and it hasn't got subscription/favorites in the thread tool? Shame! No but seriously, you have to implement it.

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  • PE Lingo

    Started by KFH: I was just thinking how it might be a good idea to have a thread in the General Discussion with definitions of lingo and abbreviations used in this...

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  • How do you post a pic with your post?

    Started by lastime: I would like to contribute my case and would like to post some pics, so how do you post a pic?

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  • Instant Message Troubleshooting

    Started by Skeptical One: If you experience any of the following problems (or others not listed), please reply to this thread and let me know: Instant Messenger feature...

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