• Bcp 157

    Started by Qtip: Could be used after a surgery for quick recovery. It after surgery. I will attempt to use it with heavy hanging. And update results in a month. Has...

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  • Ronielle Buduhan - Chemical PE

    Started by tbone777: Do any of you guys have experience with Chemical PE? Please see the link below: ...

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  • Splitting PGE1 dose

    Started by si_mon: Since PGE1 is so expensive ( 40/20ug), I researched buying it bulk ( 76/1000ug). However a problem arises -PGE1 degrades within 3 weeks once it has...

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  • Hcg

    Started by Qtip: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3214853/ Ordered the supply from a local weight loss clinic. Will start in a few days.

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  • Dht12% 20%

    Started by Qtip: Has anyone tried Russianstarpeptide.com They have alot of reviews and linking to different forums.

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  • DHT/Dutastreid help

    Started by Lobo00: Hi everyone. I contacted Ronielle Buduhan and she explained a few things to me including DHT and Dutastreid. He says that following a 1 month cycle...

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  • Sermorelin treatment/heavy hanging

    Started by Qtip: Finally about to start my sermorelin injections. It's a hgh. Google for more information. Hanging with hgh, I heard people had gains.any thoughts?? I...

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  • DHT success?

    Started by jackalot119: I have been reading on here that some of you have had success with DHT. I am surprised by this because I used gobs of andractim (the only DHT jel I...

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  • Safest and most effective girth enhansment

    Started by Frogman1: What is the safest and most effective girth enhansment? I have read bad things can happen with PMMA, the P shot some are saying don't work so good....

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  • Testosterone Cream

    Started by Jonyoung: is there any reason why I shouldn't apply it to my penis and or testicles and for the record I am already hypo

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  • Relaxin

    Started by Qtip: Out of igflr3 no gains or very minimum to notice. Has anyone tried relaxin??

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  • Trying IgfLr3

    Started by Qtip: Been a week I been on igf lr3. I pin in the base of the penis with .5 cc. Basic mix 30 ml of bacteria static water and 1 mg of igflr3. Pinning...

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  • Human chorionic gonadotropin

    Started by ghostfmj: Once again I am back to the forum. With my job it makes it extremely hard to research or talk about this subject, as I usually live in close...

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  • Hormone therapy

    Started by veffe: I was searching for peyronies treatment when I found a hormone clinic in New Delhi that does all kinds of different treatments. One of them is...

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  • PE1

    Started by si_mon: Has anyone had experience with using this? PE1

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  • DHT Research Documents

    Started by biggerbob: Starting this thread for DHT. Please add to it if you come across relevant research. Long-term effects of dihydrotestosterone treatment on prostate...

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