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Just started taking the Pine Pollen tincture after reading this post, thanks..

However, after taking the first drop googled what a Pine Pollen looks like out of curiosity... 
It's literary a male PINE's JIZZ, feck!! [eek][crazy]

All of a sudden those creepy Asians eating Donkey dicks and bull testicles to be more potent in bed didn't seem that weird and disgusting haha


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Miracle8x7 wrote:
I've received countless PM's requesting my testosterone protocol.  Instead of replying to everyone, I will post it here for all to see.  One can doubt it if they wish.  I don't give a rat's ass.  It works and I have the blood work and results to prove it.  It is likely the greatest gift I've ever given myself.  Most will deny it, some will partly adhere to it for a time and many will never give it the attention it deserves... but it works.  If you desire it enough, you can achieve it.  Believe me.  My T levels are still rising.  My testis have grown massive and my sack is full.  I will fight without fear and can fuck like a machine.  I have the hormone profile of a teenager combined with the wisdom and insight of a man more than twice that age.  I am lean, strong and confident in all that I do.  I offer this knowledge to all whom will listen.  Take it or leave it.

To All:

To provoke a massive hormonal change requires a change in lifestyle.  I will try to list the most potent/effective methods.

  1. Go to bed; no more being a night owl.  Get in bed by 10:30pm and sleep at least 7-8 hours uninterrupted.
  2. No more fast food or processed foods of any type... EVER! Only organic fruits, veggies, grass fed meat, raw unpasteurized milk from grass fed cows, almonds, broccoli, watermelon, pomegranate, blueberries, etc.  This is expensive but good for overall health and T levels.  Non organic fruits/veggies contain xenoestrogens and fuck with your hormone levels.  (You can't wash it off).  Non grass fed meat contains steroids, antibiotics and growth hormones that wreak havoc on your endocrine system and "fatten you up".  No green tea as it increases SHBG.
  3. Intense heavy resistance exercise 3 days/week for 30 minutes with heavy weights.  This will boost T and HGH.
  4. Morning sex (masturbation does not count).
  5. Minimize body fat into single digits if possible.
  6. Get aroused often but do not ejaculate. (This gets easier with elevated T).
  7. Keep your cell phone away from your nuts.
  8. Get at least 1/2 hour of sunlight everyday.
  9. Get rid of your cookware that contains Teflon and other nonstick coatings.  They leech xenoestrogens into your food.  I recommend Manpans.com  Great cookware and nothing is transferred to your food.
  10. Never eat anything with soy!!!  Soy contains high levels of phytoestrogens which as you might have guessed, mimic estrogen in the body.  So does flax and hops.
  11. No or minimal alcohol.  Alcohol = bad for T levels.  Sorry.  No recreational drugs.
  12. Do not use plastic containers.  Period.  (Yes, even if it's BPA free).  Use only glass or stainless steel.  Also, no canned foods.
  13. Minimize stress by exercising and deep breathing.  Cortisol interrupts T.


Tongkat Ali 200:1
Take 2 capsules/day for 4 days per week and 3 off.

Testosterone Stack
Take this when off the Tongkat Ali.

Pine Pollen
This formula contains herbs to inhibit T aromatization into E and to free bound T by SHBG.  Take this every other week.  Pine pollen contains T, DHEA and other phytoandrogens.  The pollen from Pinus Massoniana (Masson's Pine) is the most potent.  The effects are almost immediate.  I recommend this for an immediate boost.  Since the phytoandrogen functions as androgens and is bioavailable but not bio-identical, you will not be suppressing your natural T production but still reaping the benefits.  As Charlie Sheen would say, "Bi-winning".  Haha. 

Red (Panax) Ginseng
Ginseng improves energy levels and also contains phytoandrogens.  Works almost as good as viagra when T levels are naturally high.  Combine with Ginger root for increased effects.  Ginger increases testosterone production with a similar (yet natural) pathway to that of clomiphene citrate.  (Clomid).

Clomiphene Citrate
This is a last resort if T levels are still inadequate.  It is safe and very effective though no long term studies exist.  50mg/daily  I do not recommend this route.  An aromatase inhibitor would still be required such as stinging nettle root and saw palmetto.  Chrysin to inhibit SHBG.  T is useless unless it is free to perform it's androgenic and anabolic functions in the body.


If you follow my protocol, you will see a massive change in body composition and T levels.  Your libido will sky rocket.  Your energy levels will rise sharply.  You will feel invincible as you once did as a teenager.  You may develop acne and if genetically prone, increase the rate of androgenic alopecia (hairloss).  The acne will improve as your body adjusts to the increase in androgens.  The effects are cummulative and it will take weeks/months as your hormone levels change from and estrogen dominant state to a more youthful T dominant state.  If the entire protocol is adhered to, expect to see at minimum, a 40% - 400% increase in testosterone.  Make sure to have blood work done as you do not want to exceed a TT (total T) of 1,100ng/dl.  At 34, mine was 640ng/dl and is now over 900ng/dl at 39 and rising.  (nano grams per deciliter).  Unless one has a testicular issue (loss of testicle or hypogonadism), this method fuck*ing works... BIG TIME.  If you expect immediate results, you will disappointed.  If you are persistent, you will become god-like.  The confidence and feeling of wellbeing are second to none.  You will be chasing tail all day long.  You will throw out your stash of Cialis/Levitra/Viagra because it's junk and you no longer need it.  You will forget your age and no longer be depressed about it.  You will awaken to a new, younger you every morning with a hard on that would impress anyone.  It takes a great deal of dedication but is well worth it.  Modern living is feminizing all of us.  If you want to feel like a man, look like a man and fuck like a man... Do manly things.  Live like we once did thousands of years ago and reclaim your manhood.  I did.

I never knew any of this. what!!!!
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 I know you have other things of more importance going on but I was hoping when you can to get the updated list since a few things are no longer available from those links, and I want to make sure I get the correct stuff. 
 Though I’m 47 and I’m wondering if it would be just better to get testosterone shots. I still plan to work out, and I would like to try natural, but maybe at my age the shots would help better? 
 I know very little about all this but y’alls posts have been helpful if not a tad bit over my head. Thanks for taking the time to create this thread. 
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