Hi guys,

I thought I'd give something back to the community that introduced me to pmma and changed my life. 
After having one session with Dr C I realised that issues about my (then) thin penis would be a thing of the past. This has changed my life in ways I never thought possible. I didn't realise the importance I laid on my penis openly and subconsciously and the effects it had on my confidence in bed, in my relationship, and life in general. The change in me has been phenomenal to say the least.

I still had one big problem, however.
I also suffered from pretty severe premature ejaculation.
Not the kind where I would spunk in my y fronts on sight of a vagina, but it really did not take long once I was inside my woman, to blow my load. 2 minutes, tops.
It really dented my confidence.
I felt like it was a part of who I was, that it was a problem I would have to see out till the end of my days.
I've had this problem since the day I first ejaculated - I cant remember the last time I lasted longer than a few minutes even when masturbating. I believed I had an overactive nervous system. Well I was right. I do have an overactive nervous system, but more on this later.
Occasionally there have been a few sessions when I would be masturbating for ages for reasons I could not understand.
It could be that I had already ejaculated once or more before these sessions.
I last longer after ejaculating, as I'm sure anybody does.
I would often ejaculate twice before having sex with my partner so I could last more than 5 minutes. This, however created another problem that was just as frustrating, if not more. I couldn't maintain an erection.
Sure taking away the desire for sex is going to make you last longer before ejaculation - but you want to be able to be in the position to ejaculate in the first place!
So for months I would ejaculate twice and pop a pill of 50mg viagra before having sex with my partner.
So not only was I having sex with a desensitized penis, but I also looked like a pomegranate with my face flush with blood, my head spinning because of the induced blood pressure and my mouth dry as a canyon.
This was not a long term solution and I knew it.
50 mg soon became 100. My body learnt to tolerate the viagra, so it became dearer to maintain this lifestyle.
I simply could not be passionate about sex - I didn't really desire it at the time, and my head always felt like it was gonna explode.
Sex felt a chore.
Yes, I did last longer, but nothing outstanding. 10mins, 15 tops.

At one point I thought. Enough is enough.
I'm going to conquer this, I'm gonna cure myself of this crap.

So I researched heavily into the ejaculation process. Into breathing techniques, into the role of the prostate, kegels and reverse kegels, prostate massages, the role of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, little tricks etc.
I (illegally) downloaded premature ejaculation ebooks because deep down I did not think there was a cure in technique and that they were all scammers anyway.

There was this one particular manual that was very informative. It really emphasised on keeping the parasympathetic system active and dominant, the sympathetic system dormant and keeping oneself in a relaxed mental state. During an erection, once the sympathetic system is fully engaged and active, ejaculation is imminent. The longer you can keep it from becoming fully active, the longer you will last.
I knew for a fact that this person knew what they were talking about.
They said that it would take weeks of exercising and training oneself to see any change.
This is the only way to do it.
You have to allow your body to increase it's threshold for stimulation and pleasure before ejaculation. 
It takes months of training everyday. It really does.
The prostate gland also has a role - many of those who suffer from premature ejaculation may have weak prostate glands. They may benefit from prostate massage.

I can't talk for these people though, I can only relate to you what has worked for me. I have an overactive and very efficient motor-nervous system. This is something that will only change with age. It has it's benefits - I am proficient at sports.

You won't believe how simple it is.

1) First, you need to actively 'curb your enthusiasm' as soon as you start your sexual episode. This doesn't mean thinking about football 2 seconds before you're about to ejaculate. Even upon penetration is too late. You need to start as soon as you start kissing/touching/foreplay. You don't need to focus on something else, just don't mentally arouse yourself. This takes practice, and porn is no help.
2) Perceive, don't think about things sexually. Yes, this may sound like it means less fun, but if you have an overactive nervous system like myself, it's something you need to learn to accept. See, but don't get emotionally involved - turn that part of your brain off. This will keep your arousal leveled.
3) RELAX your pc/bc muscles. Kegels have their place - erection control. For me, ejaculation control was not effected. 
Kegels and reverse kegels (push out) seem to help control these muscles but they should not be done during sex. You need to very slighlty push out to keep these relaxed. It needs to be very subtle. I ensure this by slightly pushing out my anus.
It keeps it nice and relaxed down there. Contracting will apply undue pressure on the prostate and definitely result in early ejaculation. Some of you will contract your muscles without even realising. Be aware of this!
4) Slow breathing. This keeps your parasympathetic system (sleep, rest, digestion, relaxation system) active, and the sympathetic system (fight, flight or ejaculation) dormant. How do you breath slowly? Try triangular breathing from the belly (diaphragm). This means inhale say 3secs, exhale 3secs, wait 3secs.
How do you breath slowly during thrusting?
Obviously you don't breath on every thrust that would be lunacy. Just try to inhale when pulling away and exhale when thrusting into the vagina. You'll work out the rest.
5) My recent discovery and gift to this wonderful community..... and hopefully a breakthrough for others with the same or similar problems...

Smile and smile wide. I promise you this has some sort of effect on curbing arousal, activating the parasympathetic nervous system and subduing the sympathetic system.
It really works. When we smile, we can't help but think happy thoughts, and it must release a plethora of hormones into our brains.
It is a part of human evolution and a massive part of who we are.
One of the first things a newborn baby learns is to smile. It is as natural a reflex as is ejaculation. Smiling however, can be induced willfully.
You may look like an idiot when smiling but your partner doesnt have to see you.
For example in missionary position your head could be beside hers. It may be problematic when kissing etc.
But then again, you dont want to be contsantly smiling anyway. You want to use it sparingly, to keep arousal low. For everything else, practice make perfect.
It all makes sense now. 
Ive seen pornstars smiling wide many a time when it looks like they're trying to control orgasm. They crunch their faces and widen their mouths as far as possible and now I see why.

Please try this and see if it helps. If it does please let me know!!!

Good luck! 


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Yes, i agree to that, most of it is really effective and to add up to that i would also recommend to visit this site since for me it has all the details regarding premature ejaculation. Thread Edited by Moderator: Link Removed, Rule (R5.)
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Practice and relaxation should help you deal with the problem. Some men try to distract themselves by thinking non-sexual thoughts, to avoid getting excited too fast.
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I use an Oriental balm and also a pill I found when I was in Manila. P.M. me and I will tell anyone what they are.
BTW: I'm no shill or salesman. I am a legit member of this forum and I have used it myself AND IT WORKS!!!

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Is there any side effects for this method??

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Hey Joe,

Thanks for this. I'm someone with similar issues that you have. I've been using Cialis to conquer it but recently stopped because it so damn expensive and I also wanted to try to see if I could overcome this normally. Thank you for this post. It was random coming back to PB after being away for a while and seeing the exact issue I was dealing with currently. ;-)

p.s. I also didn't know what I was doing but the breathing and relaxation techniques you describe seem to be working however it's random on how long I can maintain an erection. I think caffine and alchol play a role.

p.p.s. You wouldn't happen to have a link to that manual would you?
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U have hit the nail with the sympathetic and parasympathetic. point and shoot. Pointing (erection ) is controlled by the parasympathetic and shooting (ejaculation) by the sympathetic.  

How many woman have you been with joe? I feel the moer experienced you get the more you can relax during sex. 

There is also SSRI you can take . dapoxetine a hour before or paxil lexapro couple horus before to help you decrease the urge and last as long as you want. 

Enjoying the last few weeks of my vacation.
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Have you ever tried Tantra? I am curious if this method is effective since I have heard mixed comments on the topic.
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I'm actually having a delayed orgasm when having sex
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I have always had an issue from early years with PE. My first few girls I had here and there and I came like within first few mins. I recall having this gf with who I couldnt have sex cause it was so embarassing so she would always blow me and id go down on her and Id barely ever try having sex and still cum fast. Anyway fast forward some experience and I got way better and some years I become very confident and stable. Lately... Im having the recurrence of my PE issue ok its not like 5 mins but I sit there fearing cumming faster than i want and it just builds on me like a bitch. And post pmma R1 feel a bit more sensitive but think this is more of a head issue than anything else
Now (Jan 2016) / Ideal FL:3'5 / 5'0, FG:3'9 / 6'0, EL: 5'5 / 8'0, EG: 4'9 / 7'0
Was considering Elist - no more! Emailed Loria and decided his results unreliable.
Considered PMMA - and went with Dr. C, TJ 

Round 1: Mar 08, 2016 (stats are roughly staying in this range) Day 24
FG: 5.0, EG: 5.5-5.7, After Hydromax pump: 6.0-6.1 Length no change

Started Chem PE May 03.  May 2016 FG: 5.5 EG: 5.9-6.3
Jun 26 2016, EG without pumping: 5.9-6.1, EL without BP: 5 6-7/8, ELBP: 6 6/8, ELBP fully stretched: 7.0

4 months with Chem PE (Apr-Sept/16) gained 0.5". (wasnt regular last two months at all)

Round 2 (PMMA): on Sept 13, 2016. Lineasafe 14cc 30% and 7cc 10% total 21cc.
Day 21, EG after pump: 6 6/8

Round 3 (PMMA): On Apr 12, 2017 Lineasafe 14cc 30% and 6cc 10% total 20cc with PRP

Wont be their longest, but want to be their thickest!
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Lots o good stuff here. I wanted to add to this with something i read months back somewhere doing medical research. Many people with forms of reumatoid arthritis have PE because of the disease eating away of the sheath lining on all the nerves in the body. I am trying to find more information on it, but also testimonials to pmma or dr.lorias implant, etc. helping to not be so sensitive so as to be able to pound her longer without having to stop every minute or so to prolong the explosion. Even when i feel im pounding her like a pornstar in love, as soon as i feel her tighten up as she just beguins to cum, itlll make me xplode then go limp just as she was about to go. Or me stopping breaks the good pounding rhythm. I can never get us there together with this flawed quick draw i got [frown]
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