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Anyone use him or have any experience with you. He does HA injections in Asheville, NC at Biltmore Cosmetic Surgery. Thinking of having a consult with him and having the injections done in a few weeks

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Hello. Yes , I have seen him. Very professional and great office staff. I had Fat transfer. to earlier this year to improve upon a previous procedure from another Dr. Did a great job but most of fat reabsorbed . If I go back will probably get filler ..fat transfer too inconsistent..Only thing. I live far away. And will probably use dr who uses voluma which lasts longer

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Do NOT get HA injections from this individual. Proceed with caution and at your own risk. I had 2x's of Juvederm on each side of my shaft on 2/10/17. I was light headed during the procedure, ate some sweets, & had some juice to help with this so we could finish. Initially once finished he bragged to his staff that assisted about how great the finished result was etc. Long story short, massive swelling and bend below glands for weeks. Non medical office manager did most of the communication from my messages to him and back. Eventually saw him 2 weeks later and I asked to have some filler dissolved where I have a thin layer of foreskin that always resides underneath the glands area. He blamed what he called a " partial circumcision" on why there was swelling and pain in this area. Obviously he saw everything before we started so not a valid excuse. He also will photograph before and afters. He neglected to dissolve any and simply told me to apply pressure breaking open a scab that was healing from entry of 1 injection site. An additional 1 week later on a Thursday I called in extreme pain, bent penis, and swelling with puss drainage. Swollen, I was over 6 inches in non usuable girth. I went to the ER sent home on AB's and told its cellulitus and follow up at Uro's office that was on call the following Mon. 3 days later I unfortunately self disgnosed what I thought was Fournier's GG. Sunday evening I went to the ER and almost immediately they took me back for surgical debridement. I was officially diagnosed with FGG only on frontside of shaft, and UTI which explained the sharp pain I was experiencing in my scrotum through my shaft. I was told not sure how bad and is there anyone I could call to be by my side. I was terrified and any other negative emotion you could imangine was running through my mind. In the hospiral for 3 days before discharged and sent home. Weeks of wrapping, emotional hell, and physical injury was a nightmare. Luckily I'm healthy, fit, and did everything I could to ensure best possibly methods for healing were in place. I saw urology several times, derm, plastics, etc. Time, faith, and taking extra special care of myself have allowed me to get back to an excellent place however this doctor was dismissive, more concerned about how many exam rooms were constantly filled, and reducing all blame to me the patient. The urologist that did my debriedment called him and told him that the infection was a result of his unsanitary needle at the point of first injection. I would beat him to a bloody pulp if I haven't continued to heal due to his lack of professionalism and respect for patient care, follow up, and overall protocols that should be in place for such as sensitive procedure. I may not have needed it but still I had hopes of the best possible outcome as any of us would. Instead embarrasment and injury is what I recieved. Yes, I knew what I was getting into. However, had he offered to accept that maybe I was a rare case that did not respond well and simply dissolved the filler these last 9 months of me healing could have been avoided. He cost me my health for a period of time as well as money and much more. I do not recommend him based on embellishing expected results, understating the worst case scenarios, and what I feel is a lack of superior technique to perform these particular procedures. Yes, he's a Urologist specialty but not a skilled injector. I'm certain my case is unique and has created greater urgency in his practice for safer measures to be taken however it doesn't change what happened. Do what you wish but I'm not moving forward on any more procedures and will simply be happy that I've been given a second chance. Special thanks to Dr. Oates for many weeks of professional observation and advice on how to proceed with my recovery. Thanks to others that I communicated with for your privacy and moral support also. This is not meant to evoke fear for these procedures but rather to let you know why I personally cannot sit back and allow my story not to be told especially if you visit this doctor in particular.


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