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I was curious about their claims.

You live in Russia and was taking shots of PRP + Acell in the USA?
To restore the sensitivity?

You have to explain them better for us?
I'm from Brazil,
Always looking for ways to increase my penis.

I hope to change many Info such, with friends from Phalloboard
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I'm surprised about the ip address thing from the previous user.  I had 2 shots from him.  I did notice some difference after the first shot but that could be attributed to pumping which I never did before.  He gave me a new pump.  

The second shot was before my planned PMMA and along with it being more volume the second time injected, I requested that plenty go directly into the glans.  He put half the volume directly into the glans which he said he never did before.  

I have not pumped in a long time and my glans looks fuller than it ever had before.  

Now I'm not sure if my fuller glans is actually from the pripaus shot or has something to do with pmma surrounding my shaft and squeezing/forcing more blood flow to glans.  

I would say that at the very least there was increased erection quality but from shot or pump or the combination?  I don't know.  

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