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Hey Bostonman,
How about an update?  What has happened in the last five months?  What is your EL? are you hanging weights?

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"I was told that the steroid shots that Elist gives patients are disastrous in the long-term  (as they can result in holes in the penile skin)"

The steroid shots is that the Kenalog?

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Hi, I had my Elist implant removed too. It's been a few weeks. My penis points to the right when I get erections and I still have swelling on one side of the shaft. Flaccid pain is no longer there but when I get erections it's not that pleasant. Also sex is painful and loss of sinsation really sets my mood off at times. Im hoping that through time and stretching I will regain my confidence, pleasure, and get my 1/2 inch loss back. When do you suggest I start stretching exercises? What type of stretchers ar you using? Thanks for your help.

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Messageman is the guy to ask. He's spent countless hours trying to help people recover from the Elist implant.

Please take a few minutes to tell your story. When you got the implant, what led you to getting it, your experience with Elist himself and of course how life was with the implant itself. Pictures would be so valuable also. I know it's a pain, but surely it's worth it to prevent just one more guy suffering at the hands of Dr Elist. 

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I second hoddle's note, and thank you for coming forward with this information. There are possibly more Elist victims out there, and they should all post experiences here.
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