For this question I am leaving aside the possible complications and bad health implications that may come with phalloplasty so I suppose it is a hypothetical question...

But say a guy is not particularly outgoing or good at meeting people, and dedicates most of his time to his business, do you think that getting an extra-ordinarily large girth (6-6.5'') would be an effective way of guaranteeing a regular sex life with minimal effort?

Like finding 2 or 3 sizequeens who want a regular hookup through fetlife? Have any of you guys got this kind of arrangement going? The idea is that very big girth is a rare commodity and therefore valued. (I'm a fairly attractive and fit guy).

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I have 6.5" girth.. married and swinger... my response to your questions is NO.   Why?  Sex is so so so so so so much more than penis size.   Have amazing personality, learn to make others laugh and feel good around you,  study on how to make women sexually charged... start by reading 'Fifty Shades of Grey".   Become the best YOU and that is 100 times more attractive than dick size. 
First PMMA 9-2016
EL = 6.5
EMC = 6.1
18 cc x 30% and 3cc x 10% + PRP
Second PMMA 1-2018
EL = 7.0 bone pressed
EMC = 6.8+ (6 and 1/2 inches)
EMC = 6.6 (after 4 months)
**Updated May 7th 2018 6.6 inches lost 0.2 after 4 months which was expected.**
10cc x 30%  8cc x 10%, 4cc of micro drops and PRP
Third PMMA 10-2018
21cc total 12cc 10% and 9cc 30%
EL = 7.0 bone pressed
EMC = 6.12 (6 3/4+) Gain of 1 1/2+ inches in EMC
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if you have a big fat dick and that you do is obvious somehow you will get women. whether they come back or not is another question and not necessarily to do with your dick.  
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Dance With Dragons
As the owner of a 6.75 x 6.25, I can tell you that no one on Fetlife gives a flying fuck about guys, and ain’t nothin coming your way from there.

Big dick, smaller dick, it really doesn’t change all that much. It’s all about your hustle. Nothing ever replaces or tops game. It is everything.

The big changes that I’ve experienced are all between my ears. I talk shit like I have a big dick, I believe I have a big dick, and I live like I have a big dick. I know for a fact there are a hell of a lot of extremely successful men in this world who pack a skinny 5 and live with the exact same thoughts as their mantra.

The dick doesn’t make the man, it just tags along for the ride.
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Dance With Dragons
On reflection, if you have a legit 8-9 incher that is aesthetically awesome, along with the body of a model, great photographs and awesome social media skills, then maybe you might score off Fetlife, but I still don’t think so.

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If you have a fat wallet that would be more helpful
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