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 How Did You Find PhalloBoards? 16  votes

 Google Search 13 votes
 Yahoo Search 0 votes
 Other Search Engine 0 votes
 MyNewSize 0 votes
 Thundersplace 1 votes
 PEGym 0 votes
 Other Source 2 votes
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Whether it was the original PhalloBoards ( or this current PhalloBoards (Version 2.0), how did you originally find it?

If you selected "Other Search Engine" or "Other Source" , please post about which search engine or source it was.

If it was a search engine (any one), please share with us what keywords and terms you used to help find our forum.

Also, if you wish to post, mention whether you found the old PhalloBoards first or this one first.

This poll is for personal research, thanks to all those who contribute.

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I used google and I was searching the word Penuma. I had wanted more info on Dr Elist procedure besides just his website. I had decided to go for it and then I found here and specifically Mustang’s story. You both saved me from making a terrible terrible mistake. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart. 
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