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I liked your last post to get your rep up - even though you called me honky in your prior post [smile]
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1) The realistic expected gain in invasive PE is proportional to the original penis size. If a 6" base increases to 7" then expected base for 4" is 7/6 X 4 = 4.7".

Invasive PE as in grafts or implants? Or were you referring to fillers? Not sure what you mean here.

2) Risk of complications is proportional to the ratio of injected volume to that of original penis volume.

I'm not sure if its's established as fact that such proportional relationship exists (although it seems plausible), but keep in mind you are at risk for complication the moment you get your first needle prick. Other factors that could be worth noting are number of visits, brands used, instrumentation, experience of physician, etc. Any number of factors can increase your chances for complications. This is true for virtually any PE method.

3) No practioner has yet mastered the art of PE procedures.

Well this is an opinion so not much to add here.

4) For as long as injectorate is in your body, there is the risk of reaction with ordinary medication. 

Not sure about other fillers, but I don't believe there is any established risk of taking medication while having PMMA inside of you. I don't recall ever being told I couldn't take certain medications. Correct me if I'm mistaken.

5) There are many "naturally ugly" dicks. Post operatives need not bother about "lumps", "nodules" and "looks" of their little guys. Only EQ and size matter to women.

Ya...no. As others have chimed in, lumps and nodules, depending on size & location, can certainly be a problem. Imagine having it mistaken for an STD or deformity. That said, I do believe one could get away with very subtle aesthetic irregularities like unevenness or hard-to-see ridges. Depends really.

Also, I wouldn't say that EQ & size are the ONLY thing that matter to women. I'd imagine there are women out there who prefer an aesthetically "beautiful" unit, although it's probably not high on most of their penis-priority list lol. There is much debate in this, but I'd venture to say that EQ and stamina trump most all other penile attributes.

6) You are big only for the first one or two times. After this you are just as any other average guy to her.

I imagine this really depends on the woman. But I do imagine that if size wasn't a big priority for her, a big unit will lose its novelty sooner than later.

7) Whilst you stay the same, she can accomodate any size up to a baby's head. She needs only prepare herself for the initial pain - as she did when a virgin.

This is a bit misleading. Sure she can accommodate a baby's head, but this is an extreme scenario, and it wouldn't mean she's READILY accommodating circumferences that big. And there isn't just initial pain, there can be pain all throughout the sex. Women can and will adapt, but for the guys looking to upgrade in size, anticipate more lube & foreplay.

8) Women love pleasure mingled with pain.

As with #6, depends on the woman. Some don't like the pain, some like it mingled with pain, and others love be slapped and spit on lol. Just depends on who you're dealing with.

9) There are always those guys bigger than yourself. High probality she already met some before you ( unless you knew her as a virgin) and she will most likely never tell you. Where next??? ( I know I will still do PMMA!!!)

Right, and you could be her biggest and she will still tell you she's had bigger. 

While you raise some interesting points, one theme I notice throughout your list is a lot of presumption with women and their tastes. Just like us guys have varying preferences, so too do women. Interestingly enough though, what women do share in common with penises is that a good majority may in fact be content with girths far below 6" in circumference (based largely on anecdotal evidence like sex toy purchases, forums, and surveys, but worth considering).

Good luck.

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Thanks a lot skeptical one and AstroD for wishing me luck.

I'll post when I'm ready and what happens afterwards. Right now I'm doing some lengthening exercises ...

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I think all these things are a matter of relativity. If you have a huge hard lump on the side of your midshaft, yeah - it IS a major problem. Anybody who sees that is not going to want to have sex with you or touch it. They might think you have dick cancer.

If you have a small, subtle lump near the base, it is probably an annoyance but your partner may not even notice it. And if they do they might just feel like it is some type of texture.

My 2 cents. In short, I think it matters where it is, how pronounced, etc.

Disclaimer: what worked for me may not be suitable for another person. We all have different bodies, medical history, etc. What worked for me now could change in the future.

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We "need" bigger dicks but they have to be aesthetically "beautiful". Still can't fathom "what" the women need and "why" we need - for our insecurity, to please them or just downright sadism? Are the same reasons "why" we need the same as cause a man to become a pedophile?

Also keep in mind that while we are bothering ourselves about aestethics, there are thousands of men who don't do phalloplasty but implant silicon beads and platic strips to form lumps and ridges which is giving women much pleasure and they don't give a damn what the dicks look like ...

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so well said jogfit! i totally agree with almost everything. No women i sleep with is really going to care about a nodule. If she does then she can GTFO.

I personally love me some sloppy roast beaf sandwich pussy so bring it on.  

For all of you thinking nodules are a bad thing. Look up PENIS BEADING... I've seen this stuff personally and helped do some operations. Its more common than you all think. Its desired not detested.

The only thing i disagree with jogfit on is the novelty thing. A huge dick is a huge dick and will always be huge. its not a normal dick after the first few times to women. and no women dont forget that they have a big cock at home and become nonchalant about it. 

Before Manual PE:
BPEL 6.25"(probably less as i wasn't measuring right)
EG: top 4.8" base 5.25"

After Manual PE:
Hanging, Jelqing, ULI, Pumping... tried almost everything.
BPEL 7.5"
nbpEL 6.8"  (this measurement varies quite a bit)
EG below glans 5.25"
EG base 6.8"
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