Hi everybody, I've been following this forum for a while, reading and looking for options about PE. I've considered manual PE, but after reading more and more about it I decided to wait and have my lig cut since the procedure demands the use of weighs afterwards.

So two months ago I got in touch with Dr Solomon's office and spoke with Jennifer his secretary. We talked about the price the procedure and recovery time. She really put me in confidence and gave me honest answers. I thought about it for about a month and called back to schedule a consultation through Skype since I'm from Montreal and Dr Solomon's office is in Philadelphia. I found him to be very honest and direct about everything, he told me that the most I could expect form this procedure was a gain of 2" in flaccid length. And when I asked about erect gain he answered : "That's the million dollars question, some people observe gains others don't". All of which was coherent about what I had read here. He also pointed out that doing the procedure without committing to stretching through wearing the an all day stretcher for 6 hours a day, 6 days in a week, for 6 months (Number of the beast pun over here [wink].

After the consultation I took a week to think about and decided to go through with it. So I made all the arrangement and I had the procedure on November 1st. 

So now I'm pretty bruised up and swelling but nothing the pain meds and ice can't handle. Nocturnal erections are the worst but taking a leak with a Valium and a pain killer fixes it.

I want to say that everybody working with Dr Solomon have been very polite and respectful, Dr Solomon himself came to see me everyday in the hotel. A driver picked me up at the hotel before surgery and another one picked me up at the hospital to bring me back at the hotel. So tomorrow Dr Solomon is going to come and see me and if everything is alright I'll be heading back home.

Here are my preop pictures, flaccid length varied from 3.1 to 3.8 inches and girth varied from 3.5 to 3.75.
Sorry I don't have any erect pictures but I stood at 5,5 inches in length. And about 4,2 inches in girth.

So maybe I'll be repeating a lot from what you can find on some other place on this forum, but here's what the doctor told me : 
  1. No exercice for 4 weeks after surgery;
  2. No smoking;
  3. No baths;
  4. No alcool for 2 weeks after surgery;
  5. No sex for 4 weeks;
  6. Swelling can persist for more than a month
Here's what it looks like 2 days post-op (It has been on ice since surgery but you can see how swollen it is...) :
As for caring for the incision on which tightening tapes were applied. Dr Solomon instructed to put non sticky gauze pads to cover the pubic area and mainly the tapes from which there will be oozing. Then placing my penis in the upward position to hold the gauze pad and after putting on clean jockey underwear to hold everything in place. The thigh underwear should help for the swelling of the scrotum. As he told me "Keep the boys close, they'll be safer that way".

About stretching, he recommends the weight condom from grip system. Here are the instructions of Dr Solomon about the use :



In addition to the 1 lbs/6 h rather than 6 lbs / 1 h, he also warned stretching for more than 6 hours, which could damage the nerve in the tip of the penis. So basically he said : don't be stupid by over-wearing, over-weighting or taking shortcuts and be PERSISTENT.

My goal is pretty much whatever I can get! There is not a lot of people who reported erected gain but if I could get pass the 6" mark I'd be happy. As for girth I'm still considering PMMA, but that is not until I'm a year post op from my lig cut.

Meanwhile I'll try to give you guys an update every week.
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Welcome and great start. Awesome post.. Always length first then girth and i like the time frame you have set to start your girth. One year is good enough to gain if you are using a combination of different length techniques.Time and patience is needed but you seem like you are on track. Good luck bro and also what was the price for the length procedure with dr.Solomon?
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Thanks for the support, I plan on following his instruction by the book and see where it gets me. After that I may try something more about manual PE. And then maybe PMMA or something more natural, I haven't really made a thorough research, since I still have time to think about it.

As for the price I had read about 6 000 USD somewhere around here in the forum. Well the price inflated, the consultation was 250 USD and surgery 7 500 USD. You have to add the 4 night at the hotel (you have a discount of about 75 $ a night since he as a corporate rebate) and the food. It's kinda expensive if you shop around, but I think I saved a bit since I travel by car, it's an 8 hour drive but I do like to drive long distances. Plus he's a great doctor, he's been doing this for almost 30 years, all of the staff are kind and respectful all of which made me comfortable during my whole stay.
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wow! hope youre feeling good mate.
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Hey Good Man. Thanks for posting. Your results are impressive. Good luck.
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Update : 5 days after surgery

Hey guy I made it back home from Philadelphia yesterday. Everything is still fine, I just finished the antibiotics the doctor gave me. The paper tapes on the incisions are still in place and I keep the area super clean by taking two showers a day using Hibiclens and by washing my hands before dans after going to the washroom.

There is still a lot of swelling but I think it's been stable for two days. I still put ice on the area as much as I can.

The worst part is the pain though, morning and nocturnal erections are the worst of it even with Valium and ice. And there is the constant pain from the incision and the swelling. Painkillers take care of that but they make you sleepy. I'll let you imagine how funny my 8 hours drive without the pill was... It is actually worst than I thought it would be I'm a student and considering everything I'm not sure I'll be able to keep all my classes. So if I had to plan it again, I would make sure to have at least 2 weeks off even 3.

And the second worst part is life without masturbation. Especially when you are lying in bed all day.
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Update : day 7 after surgery

I am now back to my normal life cycle, going trough my everyday day life which includes using public transportation and a lot walking which is sure not helping with the swelling at all. I try to apply ice during the day but it's hard to conceal, so i have to make up excuses "Like I had an hernia". But hey whatever works! I still wash the incision carefully with Hibiclens 2 times a day as prescribed by Dr Solomon. 

Some of the tape have started coming off, so has instructed, after showering I apply Bacitrcin ointment on the incision, which help scarring and prevents infection. I confirmed this by email with Dr Solomon since the preop instructions mentioned buying Bacitrcin ointment, but I must have forgotten him mentioning it to me before or after surgery. So I wrote him a email about it and he answered me within a day which I find very professional of him.

I have reread some of the progress report I had read before deciding to go through with this surgery (mainly LatinLog report) and found out that everything is pretty similar on the healing progress front. One main difference is the incision type, as you can see if you compare my scar with LatinLog's one.

Incision 1.jpg 
Incision 2.jpg
Dr Solomon said the remaining scar should be minimal and almost unnoticeable.

Sorry if I might look like I'm selling his services, but so far I am very satisfied with the preop, the postcare and the aftercare form afar. 
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I think too much ice may slow down the blood flow needed to heal the area even though ice reduces the pain. Check with the Dr again.

Anyway, good luck and keep us posted....
Live Long and F*** Long 😉

elist FAILED Silicone implant and My report here:

The elist Silicone Implant is a failure by design, a disaster by Surgeon and a Let Down by the Medical board!, in my Unmedical, Unprofessional Opinion 😉
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Here are the instructions given to me about ice : 

I follow them pretty much to the letter.

@Mustang2020 you might be right and maybe that's why the instructions says to limit the ice exposition to 20 minutes. And thanks for the support and I sure will keep reporting my progress!
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Update : day 10 after surgery

Everything is still going well, morning erection are now reduced to a minor discomfort. Swelling is reducing more and more, but it does increase the more I move around. I do limit my "moving around" as much as I can by taking the elevator rather than the stairs, waiting for the bus instead of walking, etc. But again if I could have put my life on pause for 3 weeks after surgery instead of 3 days. It surely would have had increased the recovery rate. 

The paper tapes have now all fall off the incisions. I still keep the area super clean, by carefully washing the incision with Hibiclens 2 times a day, but I have reduced to one shower a day. Mainly because my fucking bath is clogged and I have to empty it with a bucket after each shower [mad][mad]

The oozing is now pretty much inexistent, but I still apply a gauze pad the keep the Bacitrcin ointment on the incision as much as possible.

I have also received the Grip system in the mail yesterday. Looking at it made me realize the sleeves would never fit. Unless my plan was to amputate my cock or reduce my girth (lol?). So I ordered a bigger size (I already spent 8 k$ on my dick, so what are 30 bucks more?) 

Other than that I still have refrained from alcool, masturbation and sex... I can't remember the last time I have spent as much time without cumming.

Here are my new set of dickpic, I'll be sending them on tinder but I wanted to have your opinion first :
IMG_20161112_240410231.jpg IMG_20161112_240442562.jpg 

Don't worry about too much about the yellow looking stuff in the incision. It's not infection, and actually quite good, it's a protein called fibrin. Which is a normal step in the healing process. It's actually set in motion by the accumulation of thrombocytes in the incision. But hey, I'm going on a tangent again.. (but if you are interested!)

As I said dont worry to much but keep reading this progress report, it might be an issue!
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Update : day 16 after surgery

I don't really have a lot more to say on this one. Swelling is still going down, the incision is slowly closing and the healing process is following its course. No masturbation and no sex is still a bummer as you can assume.

But hey, my bath is unclogged and I'm halfway until I can start the hanging (on paper)! There's always a silver lining. Though, it does occur to me sometimes that I could be one of the guys that gets retraction from this procedure, even with the hanging. But so far I do everything religiously, wish me luck guys!

The doctor ask for some pictures the see the progress. Here are the pictures I sent : 

IMG_20161117_124425816.jpg IMG_20161117_124349642.jpg IMG_20161117_124323179.jpg 
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I don't want to worry you, but your incision isn't looking good. If it isn't infected it will heal, but it's unlikely to be a thin linear scar. I don't think you are going to be hanging in 2 weeks time. 

Thanks for the update and please keep the progress photos coming.

Don't stress about what I've said, as if you aren't infected you don't have much to worry about other than a more noticeable scar when it does heal over. But I'd make it clear to Dr Solomon that you are concerned about how it's going to look once it's closed and suggest he offers some solutions now. That way at least you can argue he should do any revision for free, if it's needed. 
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I agree with hoddle. I think you should get a doctor to look at that.
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I think as long as there is no pain, fever, heat or smell, then he's probably okay. But you don't need to be an expert to see the sutures haven't done their job. It's even opening up a bit up the shaft on the right. It will heal over, but it's going to take much longer than if the sutures were holding the skin edges together and the resulting scar is unlikely to be thin and linear. As long as it's not infected it's not a major concern, it's just an aesthetic issue and it's going to delay post op hanging.

@max_91 maybe ask Dr Solomon what he thinks about using something like steri strips? I don't have a clue about these things, but if you express you are concerned the scar is going to be too wide, he might have you back in and stitch it up again. I suspect he'll just say let it heal, but it's worth a try.
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also and notwithstanding the concern about the scar i dont think you should be having sex after just 4 weeks. no chance! it'll put your cock under massive stress suddenly. you should wait i think at least 8 weeks. i am basing this on absolutely nothing other than caution. i mean, why risk the stress? 

ok 10s only.
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