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Originally Posted by randomword1234
Do you feel like your penis skin is permanently stretched out after HA? If you let it all reabsorb, would you be left with loose skin?

I can’t tell you because I have HA right now. For example some girls that decide to remove their breast implant after them for years get their old breast back, the skin snaps back. It depends on your skin elasticity, age, skin type.

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Originally Posted by Gatit
For the first time I had this comment:

« Weird, I can feel you’re hard inside but what’s around is not »

What I’ve learned is that the harder you get, the more it’ll get noticeable.

When a natural dick is hard, you feel the hardness of the shaft just underneath the skin.

With Voluma when you’re semi hard you can’t notice it but when super hard it can be noticed.

I remember having this discussion with Hoddle10 and he agreed.

So it’s something to consider if you want to get it done.

Hi Gatit interesting that you had that comment.. With me it's the opposite.. When flacid it feels a bit different than normal penis tissue but again I think only maybe 2 or 3 out of 10 people would suspect something. When semi it's the worst because you can actually feel the voluma around the penis tissue. But when hard the skin keeps everything tight and it's the least detectable.
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