Hey guys first let me explain all my case i'm 24 years old i weight 120kg and have only 176cm height so i have a lot of fat in the pubic area that's a factor that contributes to even smaller penis...

But let's keep the history i lost my mom with 13, and i always had a complex with the size of my penis being too small but since i lost her i never had the courage to tell anyone, now that im 24 and started to talk  do some research and do some exams we reached the conclusion that i've suffered all my life with hypogonadism ...

Well i will give my measures right here:

Leght flacid: 7cm

Lenght erect: 11cm

Girth erect: 11cm

Picture flacid: https://imgur.com/a/BJ2y3Ph

No erect picture since i don't have alot of erections because my T levels are too low

(Those measures are pressuring at maximum that i can the pubic fat to get a real measure, but visible flacid maybe it's 3-4cm and erect around 7-8cm)

But the thing is my dick doesn't look developed at all it has that childish appearance that is aggraved by my fatness im already losing weight my plan is to weight around 65kg

Day 07 of december i'll be starting an hormony therapy with testosterone and i've been doing some research and i'm going to ask to my endrocrinologist if i can add Chorionic Gonadotropin and Growth Hormone to that therapy ...

Im willing to do anything for her even surgeries i wan't to give it all that i can for her ... I think i finally found a girl that likes me and that i truly love she's my soul mate, she knows about my problem and is encouraging me so we can have a normal relationship ...

After all guys if i can't satisfy her i prefer to be dead i can't handle that all my life i've been struggling to find someone that i truly love and when i finally find it i'm not good enough to make her happy ... If i can't reach at least a decent size i'll suicide and i'm really decided to do it, we know each other for 8 years and we have sex sometimes but i know that i'm not good enough for her if i can't have a true penis because atm i feel just like a loser that can't satisfy the most important person in my life ...

Guys im crying right now i just want to make her happier im not asking for much, i don't want to be a super-cock guy to sex every girl i just want to make her the most happier woman in the world ...



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To be honest you are being completely melodramatic. Your penis looks totally normal. It's not even small. 11 cm for a guy you weight is probably average or even a little above. This is such a ridiculously simple problem to solve, yet you are talking as if you have a major obstacle to over come, like being born with one leg.

All you've got to do is lose is weight. I know dieting isn't easy, but the are hundreds of millions of helpless people out there who don't have a simple solution to their problems. All you need to some discipline and to stop feeling sorry for yourself. If you lose 40 kg you'll gain and inch or more of penis length. If you still feel like you need more girth then there are few very easy options. Until recently guys didn't have those easy options, so count yourself extremely lucky.

Personally I'd not have TRT until you've lost weight and you don't appear hypogonadic. If you lose weight, via healthy diet and exercise, combined with adequate sleep, your test levels will rise and you erectile quality will dramatically improve. 

In short, there is nothing wrong with you or your penis. You are simply over weight, which is an easy fix if you really want it. 
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Hey, .. hang in there... it sounds like you are at a very low point.  No worries we have all been there (low points in our lives).  You are headed in the right direction with hormone treatment per your doctor's guidance of course.  Let's take this one step at time by listening to your doctor and following his/her directions for the test treatment.   Meanwhile, you can do a lot yourself to level out your hormones in addition to your doctors guidance.   Would encourage you to research the following all of which will help balance out all hormones (insulin, hgh, and more.. ).. Exercise 3-4 days per week nothing fancy just work up a sweat (walking stairs,, hills, .. ), Intermittent fast 14 hours per day.   Keto diet .... telling you.. there is zero downside... NOW add that to your doctors test. replacement... and dude you got a winning combo!!    In the meantime, talk to your girl... share your fears... concerns... it will bring you two closer... all this will be a win-win...

You go this... you do this..
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EMC = 6.1
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Second PMMA 1-2018
EL = 7.0 bone pressed
EMC = 6.8+ (6 and 1/2 inches)
EMC = 6.6 (after 4 months)
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Post bugged
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Hey dude don't get me wrong i've been struggling all my life, i'm really in a low point, i'm trying everything, i'm losing weight, and just need council... Maybe i'm too emotional but that really affects me in a bad way, but i'm sorry if that bothered you, i'm just being honest, for a guy that already lost his dad (at 20) and mom (at 13) at 24 i feel like if i lose her there's no point to live anymore ...


When you raised your T levels to a normal standart made any difference on your cock ?
I've already did my research on Elist method and i'll never do it, the surgery that "interested me" was the cutting of "conector" but i've read that even the erect penis would be pointed down (sorry for the terminology and english, i'm not a native english speaker)

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Post bugged again ... I don't know why it's happening ...

Cwinters whenever i look at penis pictures i always find them more developed while mine looks like childish ... Let me get you an example how i wished my cock to be you can see that even doe the size isn't great that guy in the picture has a "strong penis"

That's what i wanted to achieve a stronger penis with a more adult characteristic because my penis really look like a 14 years old child

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If you need to remove hair down there, I suggest waxing or using hair dissolving creams instead of shaving, you will get fewer ingrowns and infections that way. With both methods, try on a small area first to see if you have any adverse reactions and for practice.

And yes, you should really loose weight. Getting in shape will boost your confidence and you might think differently about your situation.

You can share your troubles with your girl, but don't come across a whiner, instead say you are aware of your issues and would like he support as you work through them.
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Hang in there, This site will give you some support but you are on the right track. Take is easy and take it one step at a time. As said before, we will all have our "lowest time" sooner or later, I just had mine a while back and couldn't see straight so I may have an idea what you are going through.

Just stay focused on your goals and keep us posted..

Good luck!
Live Long and F*** Long 😉

elist FAILED Silicone implant and My report here: http://phalloboards.websitetoolbox.com/post/the-mustang-saga-elist-silicone-implant-prfm-pmma-and-then-5414806?&trail=15

The elist Silicone Implant is a failure by design, a disaster by Surgeon and a Let Down by the Medical board!, in my Unmedical, Unprofessional Opinion 😉
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Hey guys thanks for all the answers i really appreciate it, i'm uploading more penis pictures right now, is there any surgery for buried penis ? And what can i expect from losing weight + hormone therapy ?

What about the ligament cut is it worth ?

That's exactly what i'm doing i'm not whinning and she's been encouraging me to have a better body, penis and stuff like that ...

Hey that's a little bit bad to hear to be honest i had high expectations of that hormone treatment could give at least a more masculine look to my penis, i've been doing a lot of research and there's studies saying that if you have a hormonal disorder you can have gains from an hormone therapy even on adulthood but at the other hand i read that it wasn't possible ...

Do you guys have any experience using Gonadotropin combined with Growth Hormone and Testosterone + DHT gel topically on penis ? I'm in hope that the hormone treatment can get me into an acceptable look combined with heavy loss weight i set the aim with my doctor that i should weight 65kg by the end of 2019 i'm already on a healthy diet with 45 minutes exercises daily

In terms of surgery what could i do ? I've read a lot about phaloplasty but i didn't got the whole idea (from what i know they will pick an artery from your arm, reconstruct your penis and them re-implant on you ?
IMG-3982.jpg  IMG-3983.jpg  IMG-3986.jpg  IMG-3988.jpg  IMG-3989.jpg 

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I've been doing hard research to the subject as i said i've spent hours and hours reading and i got really hopeful with all that i read but i wanted to know about personal experiences ...

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3214853/ (Use of Gonadotropin in adults for penis growth)

https://www.jpeds.com/article/S0022-3476(99)70244-1/pdf (testosterone treatment in adults with micro penis)

https://www.mh.co.za/health/how-testosterone-injections-made-this-mans-penis-grow-longer/ (i found this report in alot of websites but no evidence to back it up)


I'll be using a stretcher too if you guys can recommend any, i'm planning to wear it for 14 hours a day

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Hey guys i found that page where i gathered interesting information about growth in adulthood using hormone therapy based on Growth Hormone and Testosterone, what i understood from all infromation gathered, not only in this website but in all that i read, is if an adult has his testosterone levels really low but had a normal testosterone level during his child /tenagerhood he won't gain any growth since it's already full developed in terms of genetics but if you're a guy who had testosterone deficiency all over your life causing a undeveloped penis you could use an hormone treatment expecting it to mature of course it has it owns limits and have it's downside but it's a case to study together with my endocrinologist to evaluate the addition of HGH and Gonadtropin that are 3 basic hormones that you get when you're in growing phase ...

Of course that all that im saying is not 100% i'm learning and i'm humble enough to know that maybe it's just a bunch of BS but i will give it a try using my medic as guidance to this treatment, i've looked into surgeries and none of them really convinced me they all have downsides the only one that "interested me" Morganstern but i didn't found any real reports of patients who had his Tissue Restructure Technology technique applied so i'm not adventuring if i don't know what it is and talk with real people that did that and obtained results, i'm out of guys like Elist, and honestly i don't plan to take those injections that can be extremely harmful

I really hope that with all that effort i'll be able to have a normal sex life with her ... Did you guys ever saw a really obese guy who got lift and the effects on pennis size ? Because i'm kind lost of what to expect i read that every 22kg that you overweight you "lose 1 inch of pennis" but that look a bit of exagerated to me...

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Yes you will get a longer penis if you can lose the fat because the fat is making your penis look shorter. Push the fat down see how much difference in length you can potentially get.
I advise getting fit and losing fat that’s a more beneficial priority.
And Lots of people have your siZe and are having sex.
You also mentioned you have weak erection. If that problem gets resolved, you may actually have an even bigger penis than you think.
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@ joshgunner99

Hey dude thanks for answer do you think i can reach at least 13cm if i goes to 65kg margin ? It would be a 55kg lose (around 121 pounds), well my erection isn't okay because i don't have enough Testosterone on my system since i was a teenager i think ... At some point of point of my teenagerhood i had an deficit in testosterone ...

I'm desperate dude to be honest...

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Obesity and low testosterone can be easily linked since fat cells metabolize testosterone to estrogens. 


One of the dozens of articles out there on this subject.

Get fit and you'll solve a lot of your problems.
It doesn't happen over night, but you'll start enjoying it and keep going once you see the first results of a good diet and excercise on your body. It's addicting.

Good luck!
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Skeptical One
I want you to know that when I was young and about to lose my virginity, I too dreaded how she may react to my size. Fast forward many years and I've come to learn that size is hardly at the top of most normal women's priority/criteria list, and it'd be in your best interest to address weight, testosterone, etc and see from there how you feel afterwards.

Also, I have moved this category to the Love, Live, & Vanity section as it seems to be seeking advice in general rather than specifically discussing phalloplasty. I've also changed the title to remove "Life or death" as it's too dramatic and not technically a life or death issue. I'm not downplaying your grief, I remember all too well the despair that came with that psyche. But rest assured better days are ahead 😉

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