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A Happy New Year to all of our members here at PhalloBoards!
This site was created in the Fall of 2010 but really saw growth in 2011.  Last year was the year of penile bioplasty, and the first few waves of pioneers took one for the team.  Since then we have seen an explosion of PMMA progress reporting, and for good has been remarkably effective in the short-term relative to past methods.  However, with this new year, I'd like to remind everyone that we put on the brakes and reassess our approach to PE.
I would like to see the very popular PMMA topic balanced out a bit in 2012.  While I'm personally very satisfied with my own procedure, I think that there needs to be a renewed emphasis on becoming an informed decision maker before undergoing any method, especially something as popular as penile bioplasty.  All methods carry risks and I'm afraid that the way the information is presented on this forum may cause prospective patients to pull the trigger prematurely, especially where PMMA is concerned.  
I'm not here to preach, but I genuinely believe this forum's purpose was to provide a resource and dialog for men contemplating surgical augmentation/alteration to genitalia - and my hope in this new year is that a more rational & linear way of thinking is embraced:
  1. Do I have a size problem? Or is there a psychological component that needs to be addressed by a healthcare professional?
  2. If size is indeed a problem, does it impact my sex life negatively?
  3. If my sex life is suffering due to my size, do the potential (and not guaranteed) benefits outweigh the (known) risks?
  4. If I determine that the potential benefits do outweigh the risks for my situation, and I'm comfortable with this, am I fully informed (as one can possibly be with limited info) and ready for this?
  5. If I'm average or above-average, and I'm doing this more for aesthetic pleasure/vanity, am I fully aware of the risks involved and willing to accept them before going under the knife?
  6. Irrespective of my size, if I'm doing this for my wife/significant-other, is she/he aware of my decision(s), supportive of my decision(s), and reasonably informed on the specifics of my desired procedure?
These questions are important because phalloplasty is still considered taboo in the medical community and is regarded as an unrefined cosmetic procedure.  Only a handful of doctors perform these type of procedures in the Western Hemisphere and that alone should be food for thought! Does this mean that any given procedure is bad or an inevitable failure? No.  But what it does mean is that it hasn't been developed quite like the nose or boob job - making phalloplasty essentially experimental.  If phalloplasty were just as researched, developed, and medically accepted as the common nose & boob job, I'd be much more open to recommending it to men from all walks of life.  But for now, it's vital to recognize if you are a valid candidate, since after all, any method you choose to undergo is technically experimental as far as medical literature is concerned.
Please be aware that not everyone who has had a procedure reports on the PhalloBoards, and that the information available to us may not be entirely complete.  There have been undisclosed reports of complications from a multitude of procedures, including PMMA.  
Although the decisions made on this forum are not my responsibility, I do feel a sense of duty to support & nourish a healthy way of thinking on a topic that plagues one of our common insecurities.  I also feel that this forum needs to bring attention to the dangers of Body Dysmorphic Disorder which may lead men to undergo phalloplasty needlessly, assuming unnecessary risks.  Bringing attention to this doesn't mean that we'd begin diagnosing one another, but rather, bringing to light factors that could be affecting our decision-making process.
On another note, I have a few new goals to entertain in 2012.  I would like the Forum to grow beyond phalloplasty (although phalloplasty will still remain the primary theme) and become a general resource for male self-improvement.  This includes topics like physical fitness, libido, and aging - and these work well in conjunction with the desire for a more "desirable" penis.  We have already begun to see the Love, Lust, and Vanity forum provide an outlet for these discussions, and I look forward to watching it grow in the coming months & years.
In 2012, I wish all of our members good health, and an excellent sex life (courtesy of a healthy, functioning dick).  With this post, it marks my 2,000th overall post (Old PB + New PB combined), with slightly over a year worth of dialog! Thanks to all for making this small fraternity an insightful & jolly bunch to hang with! [cool]
Happy New Year! 

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A most excellent post Mr. Admin! I'm personally grateful to you and a handful of other excellent men that are responsible for putting Phalloboards on the map. In my opinion, it is the premier site on penile augmentation and it's candidacy is an often overlooked but essential element in the decision making process. At the cusp of 2012 and onward, I hope to witness more men achieving their goals; gaining confidence and enjoying life for the remarkable gift that it is and without reservation or insecurity. I've come to enjoy the non biased viewpoint and intelligent direction PB's assumes when discussing all methods of phalloplasty. Where much of the world disappoints, PB's has become a beacon of hope and a refuge of solace for men. Thank you S.O., all of the Moderators, members and guests for making Phalloboards a haven for genuine men with honorable intentions. Happy New Year to each and every one of you!


Never gonna retire from PE! What? You gotta problem with dat?

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I agree wholeheartedly that the reports need to be done absolutely objectively, these are serious life changing decisions that must be thought through thoroughly.
My Lengthening Surgery (lig cut) Report & Results
My Extender Report and Log
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Goal: 8" BPEL x 5.75" MSEG
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KFH wrote:
I agree wholeheartedly that the reports need to be done absolutely objectively, these are serious life changing decisions that must be thought through thoroughly.

Co-sign.  Thanks to SO, the other moderators, and everyone who has contributed to this board.

Remember, PMMA (and other procedures for that matter) are experimental right now -- if you're on the fence about proceeding, you probably shouldn't go for it.  It might be best to wait things out, because who knows what the hell will happen a few years down the road regarding complications.
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Thanks for creating the forum again.

Happy new year.
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Happy New Year everyone!
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Better late than never!  LOL  Same to you big guy!  Thanks for being here.
Never gonna retire from PE! What? You gotta problem with dat?

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Very nice post SO and completely agree with you. I also sometimes forget that even though I have had a good and positive journey with this not everyone will. It is still a gamble albeit since PMMA the odds are in our favor it is surgery and things can go wrong.

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The reason I want PMMA is because circumcised men have an advantage with the PMMA procedure. Circumcision is totally cosmetic and not natural once so ever. It's common sense that being uncircumcised feels better. People actually like that you feel less pleasure and will laugh about it and tell you to man up and accept it and will call you sick in the head.

My penis glans are dried out and I hardly feel anything during masturbation except for the glans it's sickening. I have to protect my glans so they don't rub against my pants because my natural protection and pleasure was removed for no reason. It's like guys who are uncut love that your cut because they feel superior. Parents love that your cut and like that you suffer because the father was cut and he doesn't care. Like hahaha you feel no pleasure sucks for you snip snip with an evil grin. Look at all the uncut dicks in porn they are becoming more popular than the cut ones.

PMMA is a way of throwing it in their face. Some people are sick in this world and get off on other people suffering.

I'm so glad that PMMA is better for cut guys it's like finally we have something. I'm really happy that uncut men have to opt for lower amounts and I'm glad they get the accordion effect. Sorry uncut guys can't have everything there has to be something good for us cut guys.
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