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This came from a PM enquiry - is there much interest in scrotal enhancement? There have been a couple of papers on using Hyaluronic Acid fillers as a minimally invasive way of achieving this. So not an extra "super-soft" nut, not a crescentic silicone enhancer cupping each testicle but just extra volume in the sac.

Below is one article abstract - 

Cir Pediatr. 2014 Jan;27(1):11-5.

[Hyaluronic acid scrotoplasty: minimally-invasive procedure to enhance the volume of scrotum until puberty].

Martín-Crespo Izquierdo R, Luque Pérez AL, Ramírez Velandia H, Luque Mialdea R.



There is a controversy concerning infant testicular prosthesis. The problem is that this may necessitate further surgery to insert a larger prosthesis when the child gets older. An alternative strategy is to delay the placement of the definitive prosthesis until the child reaches adolescence. However, the underdeveloped scrotum may fail to accommodate the desired sized testicular prosthesis. We present scrotoplasty using hyaluronic acid gel injection as a minimally-invasive alternative to enhance the volume of scrotum until puberty.


A prospective report of 35 boys younger than seven years old with monorchia underwent injection of hyaluronic acid for scrotal filling. Mean follow-up of 24 months (range 12-48 months).


The only complication was early resorption in 2 patients at 8 and 10 months after implantation, respectively. In long-term followup 100 per cent of the families rated the cosmetic appearance as good and 95 per cent were content with the decision regarding placement of a testicular implant irrespective of whether they had been retreated.


It shows that hyaluronic acid gel scrotal injection can provide satisfactory improvement in enhance the volume of scrotum. It is associated with high family and patient satisfaction, and provides a long-lasting result. This technique makes placement of prosthetic testis a very simple procedure that can be performed at the time of diagnostic exploration or orchiectomy, increasing scrotal space until post pubertal definitive prosthesis.

So early resorption was 8 - 10 months and longest follow up 4 yrs. Sound promising for a minimally invasive, low risk treatment. But still expensive vs surgery in the long term.

So would you be interested in a walk in, walk out, painless, very low risk procedure that lasts years to increase the size of your scrotum?
What ever you do, make sure it is safe.

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Dr Oates
OK - no comments but 4 poll results with 50:50 split.

Maybe you will like this. I had to read quite a way down before I got the joke...

Written by Dr Jill Tomlinson on 01 April 2015 Last Updated 16 April 2015.
 April 1: Dr Jill Tomlinson – Plastic Surgeon is pleased to announce the introduction of full scrotal rejuvenation services to its extensive range of high end plastic surgical services offered at its exclusive rooms in Bridge Road, Richmond.

Dr Jill Tomlinson is the first Australian plastic surgeon to offer the complete range of scrotal rejuvenation techniques which include scrotal lift, testicular replacement, testicular augmentation, testicular reduction, testicular reshaping, laser hair removal, XXXX Gold waxing, pigmentation correction, scrotal laser rejuvenation with fractionated and vascular lasers including endovascular vein removal, scrotal peels, scrotal ironing, penazzling, balldazzling, anal bleaching, scrotal tattooing and scrotal laser tattoo removal.

“I was began offering these services to Melbourne men after seeing a Dove advertisement – I was dismayed to discover that only 4% of men worldwide know how beautiful their balls are. It made me so sad to realise that. By offering specialist scrotal rejuvenation services and my new scrotal care range BallSack Beauty I aim to have 100% of Australian men realising the beauty of their own balls, and those of the men around them.”

Dr Jill Tomlinson has been delighted by the response of Melbourne men to her recently launched pioneering scrotal skin care range BallSack Beauty, and believes most men will soon incorporate the products into their daily beauty regimen. The plucky pioneering surgeon says: “BallSack Beauty contains the scrotal cosmoceuticals men have been asking for. Many men have felt discriminated against due to the lack of masculine hygiene products available on the market. BallSack Beauty addresses this gender disparity.”

“With our 6 step scrotal care regimen and instructional videos men will soon be proud to have beautiful balls. Importantly, with our range men will no longer be at risk of the self-induced and painful BSAS syndrome (Ball-Shave After-Shave Syndrome).”


Your balls are more beautiful than you think.



• Delivers a higher, tighter scrotum by removing excess scrotal tissue – because there’s only so much you can achieve with a personal trainer and Paleo diet
• Effectively corrects congenital Low Hangers as well as those scrotums that have dropped through ageing, stress and swinging
• Aftercare: compression garment for 6 weeks, with daily use of BallSack Beauty products to speed and enhance recovery
• Can be combined with testicular replacement, reduction or reshaping


• Designed for small-balled men, testicular augmentation uses 21st century Dutch implant technology to increases the size of your balls as well as the depths of your courage.
• All implants are in full compliance with ISO and EU requirements, and are CE certified under the Medical Device Directive 93/42/ EEC.


• Ideal for men who are burdened with excessively large balls and for whom manspreading is a medical necessity
• Aftercare: compression garment for 6 weeks, with daily use of BallSack Beauty products to speed and enhance recovery
• Complications: increased vocal pitch, reduced facial hair and a desire to Lean Out


• For men who have misshapen testicles but who are satisfied with the existing size of their testicles
• Uses a chromium powered natural crystal laser to precisely adjust the existing fascial covering of the testicle to achieve the individual’s preferred shape (round, ovoid or novelty). Novelty forms include asteroid, rhomboid, truncated hexagonal, 4D-cube, custom beer opener, and enneagram but we can create any geometric shape you choose.


SSS (Scrotal Size Standard)    Diameter (mm)
Acorn    20
Bean Bag    22
Chicken Nuggets    24
Darth Vader    26
Eggs    28
Family Jewels    30
Goolies    32
Huevos    34
Jawbreakers    36
Knackers    38
Love Spuds    40
Marbles    42
Nuts    44
Profiteroles    46
Rocks    48
Spheres of Destiny    50
Taters    52
Watermelons    54
Yams    56
• Replacement testicles for men who are unhappy with their existing testicles and where augmentation, reduction or reshaping is not clinically appropriate. Also suitable for men who have misplaced (temporary replacement) or lost (permanent replacement) one or both testicles.
• Replacement testicles come in ovoid and circular forms, with a smooth or textured shell. Size gradations are in 2mm increments from A to Y according to the European Union Scrotal Size Standard (see SSS chart, right). With 1879 different off-the-shelf options to choose from as well as custom made shaped designs for the hard-to-please male, we promise you’ll be 100% satisfied with our BallSack Beauty testicular replacement range!
• All BallSack Beauty testicular replacement implants are in full compliance with ISO and EU requirements, and are CE certified under the Medical Device Directive 93/42/ EEC.
• Aftercare: compression garment for 6 weeks, with daily use of BallSack Beauty products to speed and enhance recovery


• Because if God meant for you to have hair down there he wouldn’t have invented laser hair removal!
• Make your scrotum touchably, wonderfully, smooth


• Performed in our Bridge Road Richmond rooms by our qualified scrotal therapists, led by our Scrotal Squadron leader Sally Couilles, our XXXX Gold wax will have your scrotum looking smooth and kissable in less than the time it takes to down a cold beer. Can you feel a XXXX coming on?


• Tightens the skin of the scrotum, upper thighs and the perineum to address the visible signs of scrotal ageing
• Evens out irregularities and lightens pigmentation
• Small vein removal. Note that scrotal veins larger than 6mm in diameter require endovascular laser therapy for effective sclerosal, which requires a small cut in the scrotal skin.


• The controlled application of heat through our all-natural Irish ironing stones creates noticeable tightening and erythema of the scrotal skin.
• Downtime: allow 4-7 days while the blistering subsides prior to engaging in activities where the scrotal skin may move
• Added benefit: deep ironing will reduce long term hair regrowth and is an all-natural contraceptive through its effects on cosmesis and performance


• For special occasions as well as for complementing everyday balls
• Choose from matt, bling, shiny, princess cut, Swarovski and Omfg diamantes.
• Incorporation of crystals to harness the natural testicular healing powers of the sacral chakra


• Recommended in combination with XXXX Gold waxing – spin your balls your own way!
• *Warning: we do not recommend displaying bedazzled balls in nightclubs, bars, discos or holding cells.


• Extend the bright happy glow of your perfect scrotal complexion all the way to your anus!
• Combine laser pigmentation removal with our nightly at-home topical treatment products for rapid and effective bleaching
• Clients must avoid sun exposure to the anus for 2 weeks before and 6 weeks after treatment. Note: anal sunbaking will reduce the long term effectiveness of our treatments and ongoing touch ups may be required for clients who persist with regular anal sunbaking.


• A personalised service delivered by our Scrotal Squadron leader Sally Couilles
• Scientifically proven to effectively address stress and relieve blue balls


• Cover areas of scrotal pigmentation loss by having your natural colour tattooed into your affected scrotal skin
• Incorporate a tattooed message to a special woman in your scrotal design - because nothing says “I love you, darl” like tattooing a name on your scrotum. Hi Mum!


• The BB range has prescription strength products specifically designed to eliminate ball sweat, soften ball stubble, correct pigmentation, tighten scrotal skin, slow hair growth, reduce grey hairs, address acne, correct redness and prevent wrinkling.
• Scrotal peels use natural products including lactic, hydrofluoric and kojic acid to tighten the scrotum and address pigmentation. Dr Tomlinson recommends a weekly treatment for 10 weeks, then a maintenance peel every month to keep your balls in tip top, lickable shape.
• BB concealers, bronzers and foundation are available for home use on those days when you need extra scrotal assistance to help you look your best. The base ingredient of activated almonds is all-natural so is compatible with all skin types, including sensitive skin and people who have severe nut allergies!


To celebrate the official launch of Scrotal Rejuvenation and the BallSack Beauty brand Dr Jill Tomlinson – Plastic Surgeon is offering a free BallSack Beauty treatment product applicator absolutely free with any purchase**. That’s right, you pay absolutely nothing! The free applicator (see right) normally retails at $89.95AUD and is designed to fit snuggly around the penis and scrotum. It ensures even coverage of your scrotum with the BallSack Beauty products and incorporates an internal dermal roller that facilitates deep penetration of the active ingredients into the dermis of the scrotum.

**One BallSack Beauty applicator per person, offer only available until midday today - April 1, 2015. Call Dr Jill Tomlinson - Plastic Surgeon now on (03) 9427 9596, our telephonists are waiting for your call!

What ever you do, make sure it is safe.

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For what it's worth I'd love a bigger bulging sack lol
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I know one guy from the board that had it done and loves it (Juvederm I believe). He had to spend about $1-$2,000 to get a noticeable difference however. Ironically I had sex yesterday with a guy that had Silikon injected into his sac 8 years ago and it looked great - and was pretty huge. He also had it injected in his dick at the same time. However, it migrated into a big donut ring towards the glans. He didn't seem to mind but it is not for guys wanting a natural result. Wade mentioned to me that Silkion looks great up front but has a tendency to puddle like that if you just inject it the way you would HA and not as little injections into the deep dermis so it is surrounded by your own tissue, which is why I would be leary of Loria does, although I don't completely understand his technique.
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To answer the poll question - i don't need bigger balls, but if I did I would most likely prefer Silikon, as I am not into having my balls repeatedly maintained. One of the things that I noticed with HA, and I did not have it long enough perhaps, is that I never felt like my dick was quite mine as it was a temporary solution. I don't even know if Silkion is healthy down there, and if I was going to have kids no way would I mess with them.
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So does this Australian clinic make cup/crescent shaped implants like the Elist style? Also it lists the various sizes in diameter, so wouldn't that be the 'equator' if it were an egg? So it would have a larger measurement from top to bottom ?
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H Dr Oats 

Is this something that your looking to do a trial with ? would be very interested.
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Dr Oates
Hi BigmanX,

Yes it is possible. The first time I use Voluma like in the penis shaft - but it was too obvious like a third testicle. So would go with something softer this time. But the question is how soft is too soft to last? My feeling would be to 'split the difference' between Voluma and Volbella(the softest) and go with Volift. And it takes at least 10ml to make a worthwhile difference.
What ever you do, make sure it is safe.

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sexy beast
i just squirted coffee through my nose.......
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Dr Oats 

If your wanting to do a trial would really interested so reach out. 

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Hows the trial of this progressing?
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Have you continued to do these procedures and, if so, what filler did you settle on?  Do you have any before and after pictures you can share?
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