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Avanti Derma

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Hello guys,
It is difficult for me to read beyond written words. At first, I thought it was a joke, but after reading again I couldn't find any hidden humor.
It seems to be real that one of the members wants to become a Freakzilla? I'm still questioning it.
The injection of soft tissue fillers requires a physician who monitors skin changes indicating ischemia or any other sign of skin suffering. It is a firm commitment to avoiding accidents that could end up in extreme deformities and even loss of the penis due to necrosis and gangrene.
My call is to preserve your health in the first place, as well as the integrity of what a human penis should be. Modified or not.
Although I understand that some people like to show 'something' huge under their speedos, I am not judging aesthetics at this moment.
What I am sentencing with severity is the lack of common sense and ignorance towards the severe consequences that excess may bring.
Fortunately, most of you understand that fillers become a threat when used beyond limits. Vascular compromise and the explosion that leaves a volcano of flesh and pus could be around the corner. An area that can not even receive the implant that Freakzilla dreams; a penis confined to urination and nothing else.
The name of the game should always be "enhancement."
Moderation is the robust word here.
Even under safe circumstances, it is important to maintain the proportions of the penis (see attachment) Maintaining Proportions.png 
I won't take more of your time because most of you understand the risks.
Good luck to the greedy; they need it because they will find the doctor who is behind on his/her mortgage payments.
If your gray matter is more abundant than the cavernosal tissues, run away from those that will inject "as much as you want'... just saying.
Last but not least, I kindly ask the forum moderators to think about the consequences of extreme postings like Djinns.
Thank you.

Dr Morales, MD

Reception: info@avantiderma.com
US Phone lines: (619) 308-7268 or 7269.

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The Doctor is in...

Well spoken!

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Very well said.  Thanks, doc!
A clear conscience is the sign of a bad memory.
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Yes Thanks Dr C for moderating my excesses. Thanks to your intervention I've recovered from my excessive girth addiction, and am now far more conform to normal healthy proportions. Fully understanding that my young GF is a size queen, you created the ideal compromise. Large, but not beyond reason. You're the best! Thanks - Hunk Chunk

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Excellent post, Dr. C. I tried a constructive approach to get one of the members to post actual flaccid and erect pics of their excessively filled penis, but as I expected, none came. Here's the thread: https://phalloboards.websitetoolbox.com/post/what-have-the-ladies-said-or-their-sexual-responses-you-massive-grith-dudes-9281996?pid=1300069706&highlight=fm

The idea of a monster penis can be thrilling. The actual reality is quite different.

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Dr. C just dropped the mic and left the building! Es la verdad, gracias Doctor.


Married my Avatar and got the better END of the deal!

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Originally Posted by Avanti Derma

the explosion that leaves a volcano of flesh and pus could be around the corner.

now that's the phrase i was looking for!


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Ahhhh... Sound advice. When the physician cares mostly about the size of his bank account and the patient, the size of his penis... Be forewarned! Luckily for patients of Dr. Casavantes, he cares about the patient the most. I can personally attest to this, believe me! There’s a safety limit to everything in surgery and overstepping this boundary can leave the patient in extreme and in some cases, permanent peril. Please fellas, think before you sign a waiver and tell the doctor, “fill er’ up”. Enjoy the actuality that we live in an era where phalloplasty has become an effective and relatively safe reality in the hands of qualified and experienced physicians. Well stated, Dr. Casavantes!
Never gonna retire from PE! What? You gotta problem with dat?

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