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Originally Posted by naginati
His results are the best out there. Hwlps that he's a grower too.

In you experience, Sizemic, when is the low point after pmma? I'm 6 days out and i think the swelling is gone, I heal fast. Hoping this is the low point. didn't lose anything from yesterday. Just under 5.5inchgirth. Feels huge after living life with 4.5 lol.

I'm actually more of a shower.

My length only grows by maybe 0.5" or so and my girth only 0.25" from flaccid to erect.

At day 6, if it were me I'd be at or almost at my low point. I usually found Day 9 or so was my lowest. That being said I never had PRP or anything like that.

My first session took me around 10 or 11 days to reach the low point. From what I can remember... it's likely in my thread on the old phalloboards.

In my later rounds (round 4 onward) My final result would usually be the same measurement I had a few hours after the procedure itself.

Meaning, say for example I went in at 5.75" and around 3 or 4 hours after my procedure I hit about 6.175" or something... by day 2 or 3 I'd likely swell to 6.3 or 6.4 then by day 9 I'd be down to 6 flat or 5.875"... to recover to about 6.175" after collagen growth as a final result. But naturally that's just me... we've learned a long time ago here that results and timing very a lot from person to person.

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Meant to say shower! That's made your life much easier i think. Lucky man.

I'm sure you're right about different people getting different rates of growth. Think I'm just nervous about the outcome. Thanks.
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