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wemustbecrazy wrote:

 Most of the sex he has is at massage parlors with prostitutes. The rest is with obese size queens, the kind of women you wouldn't look at twice on the street.

Is that the kind of sex life you want? Quite frankly I'm shocked that anyone would be jealous of him. Anyone who pursues a size like that which is useless for the vast majority of women clearly has mental issues.

I know some guys get off on the idea of being the "biggest". But even in that case fatmike is nowhere near being the biggest there's guys out there who would make his cock look like a micro penis;

Of course you can all but say goodbye to penetrative sex at that point.

i get what you mean, but i wouldnt really care whether they fat, skinny, or ugly just as long i like them and attracted to them its all good in my book. Plus as a good looking guy who had trouble with girls bc of my size i would rather be 7x8 or 7x8.5
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