Finally took the plunge and met with a clinic that does shock wave therapy.
I went for consultation and to understand the pricing options.

Background..Healthy straight male 42 years. Never smoked, drink rarely, no health issues. Gradual decline in erection quality and refraction time after turning 38. Not medically ED more looking to upgrade erection quality.

The protocol they follow is a penis doppler blood flow measurement followed by 6 session of shockwave, once a week. Met a doctor who looked at my history and cleared to start sw therapy.My first session is tomorrow.

Followed by 8-10 weeks of no session, just sex and masturbation. I also asked if I could take NO supplement and do heavy sqautting..to increase blood flow and testosterone. My latest Test numbers were 600. No concern there.
The nurse did my penis doppler and said readings were 10cm. The target is to be between 10-15 cm. I assume I am in a good place to start.

Would love to hear what others have experienced with shock wave..and thoughts. 
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Please keep us posted!! Super interested in your results Aviator!
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Thanks Brock

           First session went well.

           At the beginning the nurse informed me that a new nurse wants to observe the procedure.
           I didn't mind..smiling in my mind at my first experience of stripping in front of two females.

          They used Storz shockwave device and facility was nice and clean. The first few minutes I had a warm tingling sensation on the left side on penis.
      As a natural grower, I was not happy that my unit was turtling from the shocks and two females looking at my turtled penis.
      After around 5 minutes the nurse moved on to the right side and I didnt feel sensations as much. I was thinking of getting an erection so the nurse gets more surface area to work with. Few erotic thoughts and I was semi erect. Felt good that the nurses were looking at my decent version.
        Next the nurse moved under the testicles, again no notable sensation.
        Question for experienced members, how do I keep increased blood flow to penis..most of the day. I am single..just coming out of a relationship. So regular sex isn't possible.

         I was thinking of 10mg Cialis daily, daily massage in warm shower. I have a Bathmate, water pump ,never been regular with its use. Any suggestions welcome
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Watch porn? Play with your dick? I guess superlight short pumping is also good. 
Before:                              10.0 cm    erect girth         15.5cm erect length
After Round 1, 10ml 10%:  10.7 cm    erect girth
After Round 2, 10ml 30%:  11.3 cm    erect girth
After Round 3, 12ml 30%:~11.6 cm    erect girth
After Round 4, 11ml 30%:  12.5 cm    erect girth (1 month after, biggest part, smallest part near penis glans is only 10.5cm)
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Here is update from first night after shockwave.

I usually wake up early morning with an erection, but last night was different.

I am not sure if placebo effect can give erections specially when one is in sleep and I wasnt expecting to see any change after just one session.
I am stating what happened last night..I woke up several times throughout the night and actually couldnt sleep properly because of my recurring erections. Probably four to five strong erections throughout night.

I dont recollect these mid night erections happening in a long long time..maybe in my late teens but not sure/dont recollect vividly.

I am thinking of reducing Cialis to 10mg and see how that changes things. 

Will watch and report how next sessions of shockwave therapy goes and results. I will probably be getting regular sex starting this week, so can check real sex erection quality(its always different for me than porn) and refraction time improvements , if any.


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Dr Oates
Great to get an improvement after 1 session! Maybe you don't need Ciallis at all.Looking forward to your report in 6 weeks!
But I think this is really a big deal in treating ED even moreso than PRP
What ever you do, make sure it is safe.

Google calibreclinic

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Thanks Dr Oates

           Will keep posting results.
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sexy beast
agreed, don't use Ciallis if u don't have too, it is very easy to become dependent with that stuff. the gastrointestinal issues associated with viagra and ciallis is horrible over time.
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Hello sexy beast..

             What dosage of Cialis were you referring to.. and how long
             I have taken occassional 10mg or 20 mg..never had any gastrointestinal issue.Curious 
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Had second shockwave session today.
The stinging sensation was there on both sides..
I have started taking Magnesium 3gm..along with Boron 15gm, to increase free Test.
Was dozing off last night after taking the Magnesium.
Hope to sleep well tonight ..will see if midnight erections occur again

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Thanks for sharing this journey with us!  This is something I wanted to try... I don't have erection issues... but wanted to return to that early twenties super hard on.  It seems harmless so no downside that I have seen.   Look forward to following this thread and thanks again.
First PMMA 9-2016
EL = 6.5
EMC = 6.1
18 cc x 30% and 3cc x 10% + PRP
Second PMMA 1-2018
EL = 7.0 bone pressed
EMC = 6.8+ (6 and 1/2 inches)
EMC = 6.6 (after 4 months)
**Updated May 7th 2018 6.6 inches lost 0.2 after 4 months which was expected.**
10cc x 30%  8cc x 10%, 4cc of micro drops and PRP
Third PMMA 10-2018
21cc total 12cc 10% and 9cc 30%
EL = 7.0 bone pressed
EMC = 6.12 (6 3/4+) Gain of 1 1/2+ inches in EMC
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You are welcome cwinters123

        Last night I slept deep, after working out at the gym and the extra Magnesium. I didnt feel any nocturnal erections.
        Morning erections this morning were as usual.
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Started pumping with Bath mate last evening...
Have also started taking a testosterone booster since last two days.

This morning something interesting happened.
While I was brushing my teeth..had an erection that lasted for few minutes. Now I wasn't event thinking of anything erotic, rather was bit upset about the body fat  scale telling me my weight and body fat both have increased.. 
This reminded me of my teens when I would struggle to hide an erection every morning after waking up..
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sexy beast
Aviator1117 wrote:
Hello sexy beast..

             What dosage of Cialis were you referring to.. and how long
             I have taken occassional 10mg or 20 mg..never had any gastrointestinal issue.Curious 

i've heard the once a day dose over an extended period of time (a year or so) can cause issues.
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