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An update is due..
I completed five sessions of shockwave now..one more remaining in the first cycle.

Noticed my penis vascularity has changed..veins on both sides of the shaft are prominent now. Also when I squeeze the base..and blood pressure increases, noticed fine veins on the skin show up, that I never saw before.

Erections are better too, though I was told next 6 weeks is when results will show.So more stimulation, pumping and erections are what doctor ordered.

On a side note the regular Filipina nurse wasnt there on my last visit. A new Filipina girl did the treatment. She was chirpy and we chatted during the whole session. After knowing I am single, she asked hell lot of questions about me, my job, family etc etc. She said she had a boyfriend but mentioned she had a friend who is single. She even added herself to my instagram using my phone.
Lets see ..where it goes..

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sexy beast
good to hear, have you asked about PRP as well.
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I did..
They dont do PRP.
Dr Oates wrote in one of his posts that he saw good results from Shockwave , better than PRP.
Though I would have liked to get PRP along with sw, help the new blood vessels with growth boosting shot.
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You live in the philippines?
Before:                              10.0 cm    erect girth         15.5cm erect length
After Round 1, 10ml 10%:  10.7 cm    erect girth
After Round 2, 10ml 30%:  11.3 cm    erect girth
After Round 3, 12ml 30%:~11.6 cm    erect girth
After Round 4, 11ml 30%:  12.5 cm    erect girth (1 month after, biggest part, smallest part near penis glans is only 10.5cm)
Journal: https://tinyurl.com/phallodreamjournal
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How long does each shockwave session last? I’ve had 6 so far. Can tell a difference. But nothing like you are getting. I think mine last sbout 15 -50 minutes
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Dream..I live in Canada..majority of nurses here tend to have migrated from Philippines.

  My sessions last 15-20 minutes each.

  My starting penile blood flow was 10, which I was told is "normal" so I was not probably into medically classified ED range.
  After six sessions and six weeks break they will start next six sessions and measure blood flow again.
  Will see if blood flow has improved.

    Wildcat ..
  On trying to maximize results I am trying to squat heavy, three days a week. A nitric oxide booster will also increase blood flow, combined with clean diet and workout..should help a bit.

    If you have 6 sessions and feeling difference, my suggestion would be to keep blood pressure high by using cockring, and blood vessels engorged with sex and or masturbation and workouts if you are into that. I am told 12 sessions is where most people see a difference.

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Thanks. I appreciate the information. Good luck
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