Hey guys so this is more of a record for me at the moment as a place to keep pics not on my phone or on my computer.

I have been thinking about PMMA for a long time now and also Ellanse. Hopefully booking in an appointment with Dr Horn to talk about Ellanse and whether it is something he can do. I figure I would try that route if possible and if I'm unhappy and want more permanent gains I may consider PMMA with Dr N. I have already had 8ml of HA with androfil in london and I was fairly happy, if a little underwhelmed with the results. I had that in October, so about 8 months ago and I would say roughly 35-40% of that is left.

I have recently purchased an ESL40 extender and that arrived yesterday.

So here begins my lengthening regime and hopefully in the couple of weeks I will be thinking about getting these girth procedures done.

My current stats are:
EL 6.5
EGBase 4.75
EGMS 5 (some HA still contributing to this)
EGglans 4.5

I don't feel there is any point measuring flaccid as it changes so frequently it wouldn't be an accurate gauge.

The HA is only really obvious in the middle of my shaft and I'm pretty sure I don't have any in the base or under the glans.

I am also on a mission to improve erection quality by cutting down on porn and sexting which I do a lot of and has caused me to develop some quite bad ED. It was really difficult to maintain the erection while taking the below photos.

Anyway nothing to report at the moment but here is where I start. Hopefully I will have some updates in the coming weeks with some improvements. I plan to wear the extender as much of the day as possible making sure I have rest 1 or 2 rest days a week.

Any tips from you vets would be greatly appreciated!

Cheers guys

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Truly impressive!
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So I had 10 ml of HA injected at Androfil in London a couple weeks ago. 8ml of Voluma and 2ml of Ultra deep.

Size increases roughly
0.5 inch MSG    5inches-5.5
0.25 BG     4.75 inches-5 

The voluma definitely feels squishier and I have some lumps near the base where I neglected to massage the filler enough. I think this might be from the ultra deep which is much firmer. If I had massaged this enough then I think I would prefer the feeling of this filler. Its more cock like when erect but doesn't smooth out as easy as voluma when massaging. I think I may go back from about 5ml to add to the base where its lacking and to smooth out the bumps there. Maybe 2 in the base and 2 in the glands and 1 just under before the foreskin. 

I swelled up a lot after this round and the swelling was rock hard which made me feel massive. I had sex with my girlfriend a couple days after and i felt huge. Since then some size has disappeared. I did pump and have sex the other day and I feel like a may have a little bit of swelling from that still. 
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Thanks for posting mediatps and good luck.
Hope you get the gains you are looking for.
If I ever get to 6 EL I will be looking at Ellanse too.
PMMA last option...
I'll be watching your progress.
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Hi Guys,

I thought id post here because for some reason i cant start a new post. My question is relating to PE exercises after PMMA. Obviously pmma forms a layer of collagen around the penis so does this mean that it becomes much harder to grow from PE exercises as the hard collagen restricts the ability for the penis tissue to expand and grow permanently?

Just about to pull the trigger with Dr N but wondering if that will put the end to ever getting any natural gains from PE. That is if real gains are even something that's achievable from PE exercises. 

Anyone had any experience of pumping/jelqing/clamping after PMMA?
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Did you get Voluma the first time you got HA or did you get a different filler?

What did you feel was underwhelming about the results you got? Was it more of the feel (squish), aesthetics, fact that it migrated to the mid, or did you expect more size gain?

Has your second injection held up? Did it also migrate to the mid shaft like it did the first time?
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I got Voluma the first time yes. 

The underwhelming ness was more due to the lack of size increase. I think I needed way more than I got. HA does feel squishy and I wish it was a little bit harder but I can't say it bothers me. It might be slightly more attractive to women if it was a bit harder but I don't think they notice any difference at all. 

It seems to have stayed in the same place although I went through a period of intense pumping and i think I may have pulled some up the shaft slightly. I am now lacking a bit at the base but its hardly noticeable. 
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I got my HA removed the other day using the hyaluronidase. Most of the Voluma seems to have disappeared minus a small lump on the bottom side of my shaft near the base which was the firmer teosyal ultra deep. I'm hoping I can leave this and go ahead with the next treatment regardless. 

All of this is ahead of my PMMA/Ellanse treatments which I will have in the next couple weeks. I am leaning towards PMMA treatment with the new Italian Dr after conversations with him and have booked an appointment on the 19th so next week with him. I am still at the back of my mind thinking Ellanse will be potentially a better option aesthetically, I have no real idea why i'm thinking this though and so could cancel that and have Ellanse with Moorgate at the end of the month. 

Below are how I look now after the HA has been removed. 

Erect pics with the foreskin pulled forward and back and one flacid. 

My stats are: 

18.5CM/7.2 inches BPEL 
12cm/4.75 inches top shaft girth
13cm/5.1 inches base and mid shaft girth. 

I am still a little unsure how collagen would feel when moved up and down in a foreskin. HA was very soft and so felt a lot like soft penis tissue which helped to disguise the fact that it wasn't meant to be there. I am struggling to imagine what a firmer filler might feel like. Can anyone give me anymore of an idea?

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I have the exact small lump at my base from a little utlra deep i had after removal of HA but it doesn't effect me either. 

I hope you get Ellanse as would be great to see how you get on with it !  With your stats you could keep it very safe at maximum 20 ml ?  Yes its temporary but its much safer than pmma .  If it doesnt' work out ok you need to wait 2 years or you can get it surgically removed  and then you could try pmma in the future .
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costa wrote:
I have the exact small lump at my base from a little utlra deep i had after removal of HA but it doesn't effect me either. 

I hope you get Ellanse as would be great to see how you get on with it !  With your stats you could keep it very safe at maximum 20 ml ?  Yes its temporary but its much safer than pmma .  If it doesnt' work out ok you need to wait 2 years or you can get it surgically removed  and then you could try pmma in the future .

You probably wouldn’t have to have it surgically removed, check out my thread about Dr Mogernstern.
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How long does the rigorous massaging process need to be for after PMMA until the product is stable and doesn't really move anymore?

The reason I ask is that I have the opportunity to see the Dr on the 19th in the evening but I go to China via France on the 21st. 

My timeline would be:
19th evening have treatment with Italian Dr. and Massage that night
20th fly back to London (probably late in the afternoon) Massage that morning and then that night in London too. 
21st eurostar to Paris probably will have some time to massage but most of the day I will be busy travelling and with colleagues
22nd Fly to china. Stuck on a long flight (Could massage sporadically in the toilet)
23/24th Rest day in china (could massage a lot but it might be too late by this point) 

Now I am worried that with all the travelling I'm doing after the treatment the PMMA might clump up if left sitting in my pants. I will have the night of the treatment and the morning after to focus entirely on the massaging process and then the evening when I return to London. After that things get more difficult.

Am I being stupid with this plan? Should I wait until after China when I have more time? I am worried about pissing the Dr off by constantly changing my plan. 

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The important thing with the massage is to make sure you do it, not where you do it. I did loads of massaging on the plane back from Mexico. I also did it in the toilets at SD and Heathrow airports. I did it about once per hour and only for a a couple of minutes at a time. I wasn't so much massaging, but more checking to make sure there were no areas that had lumps or anything and then a bit of gentle massage just to make sure it was evenly spread. The massage itself really isn't difficult and quite self explanatory. 

Seeing as a needle is being used, all the injection point will be closed before you head off the China, so you don't need to worry about infection getting in. The actual massage can be done anywhere you are alone, so anywhere that has a toilet cubicle basically. And you really don't need to massage for 10 mins at a time. A frequent couple of minutes to check everything is even, is all that is required. If you find an uneven area, give it a few minutes of attention. 

I'd take a cialis for the flight to China though, as you don't want your penis bunched up. 
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Thank you, I have changed my appointment to the 4th December which means I can dedicate my full attention to my penis for a couple of days.
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I think that was a smart move to change your appointment.  It is true that the massaging is pretty simple, but it can be vital to a smooth outcome.  
It is better to have time to focus on it, plus you won't be cramped up in a plane, sitting and possibly shifting/bunching the pmma.
From my experience (and others) you have roughly 2-3 days where the material can be manipulated.   

A clear conscience is the sign of a bad memory.
CURRENT: EL 8"  EG 7" midshaft  FL 7-7.5"  FG 6.25-6.5"
GOALS: EL 9"  EG 7"  FL 8"+  FG 6.5"
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Flights and hotel booked. I am seeing Dr Allegra on the morning of the 4th December! 
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