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This is badass. Never seen any study like this anywhere, other than the completely made up study from the debunked penis size debate website. In fact, it appears these guys followed through and did the actual study described there.

A group of octors measured the maximum possible stretched distension of the vaginas of 120 women in Brazil, ages 18-50. The study is high quality, and the results are very different than what we all think/fear.

Everyone will want to read this. Get ready to feel quite a bit better.

I have lots to say about it, but I’d love you guys to read it first.
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Thanks for sharing..
I see the average depth of canal is 13.2 cm , approx 5.2 inches.
Didnt say anything about the diameter though, unless I missed it.

It would be interesting to know whats average girth in females. As we all have read here several times girth is more important than only length.
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Dance With Dragons
Girth is negotiable. Length is impossible to fix in 2018, so I view depth as the key measure.
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Dance With Dragons wrote:
Girth is negotiable. Length is impossible to fix in 2018, so I view depth as the key measure.

I started out with 6.3 inches (in length) but am now over 8 inches.
Where there’s a will, there’s a way.
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Study: How long are vaginas and how much do they stretch

"120 women aged 18 to 50 years

The mean measure of the vagina distended by the device was 13 ± 3 cm. The longest distended vagina without prolapse measured 16 cm and the shortest 10 cm.

Based on this assumption, we may state that complete penetration of a penis longer than 16 cm will always lead to dyspareunia. The importance of this finding is that the professionals, and women themselves, should be aware of the fact that traumatic relations should be avoided whenever possible when the penis is larger than the distended vagina.

Veale et al. published a systematic review of 17 studies showing that the erect penis measures, on average, 13.24 cm, with a variation of ± 1.89 cm [21].

A survey conducted by TargetMap indicates the mean penis size in cm and inches of men from each country. In Brazil, the mean size is 14.88 to 16.09 cm, in the US it is 11.67 to 14.87 and in the countries with the largest sizes it is 16.10 to 17.93 cm [22].

Since there is a group of women with a distended vagina measuring 10 to 13 cm and a group of men with a penis size of more than 13.24 cm, it is easy to conclude that intercourse between these groups will involve size incompatibility, with the vagina always being short and suffering traumatism during sexual relations, leading to a poor quality of life.

However, some authors overlook the property of tissue flexibility and have reported that: “In sex, the vagina can be penetrated by bigger penises because it has an elastic effect, being composed of muscle tissue that can stretch as needed. At the time of penetration, pleasure and sexual stimulation cause the muscles of the vagina to distend and “grow” in width and depth. Thanks to this elastic effect, a penis more than double the size of the vagina can fit inside a woman’s body” [23]. In contrast to this statement, it can be said that during sexual intercourse, due to the disproportionate size of the penis in relation to the vagina, many women suffer a trauma similar to that of a chronic ear pull, with the consequent occurrence of chronic pelvic pain leading to RSVS.

There is a woman’s vagina flexibility limit and a fully extended capacity beyond which the vagina suffers injury. The distended vagina measured in the women studied was 13 ± 3 cm, a value that can be extended to Brazilian women in general and which is compatible with the length of the penis of Brazilian men, i.e., 14 ± 2 cm. This finding has implications for the quality of sexual life of women because a woman who knows the size of her vagina can guide her partner to use a controlled sexual position that will not permit deep penetration of the penis.

The presentation of RSVS alerts gynaecologists to the need to assess the length of the vagina of their patients, especially those with dyspareunia and chronic pelvic pain, in order to counsel them for a non-traumatic intercourse, avoiding and solving pelvic pain resulting from this disparity and ultimately providing improved sexual experience and a better quality of life.


Caveat: This was measured in non-aroused state? 
Also: Maximum length was put in 'till it hurts' - in sex it can be 'good hurt'?
They definately speak from Trauma when penis is too long. 

Before:                              10.0 cm    erect girth         15.5cm erect length
After Round 1, 10ml 10%:  10.7 cm    erect girth
After Round 2, 10ml 30%:  11.3 cm    erect girth
After Round 3, 12ml 30%:~11.6 cm    erect girth
After Round 4, 11ml 30%:  12.5 cm    erect girth (1 month after, biggest part, smallest part near penis glans is only 10.5cm)
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messageman wrote:

I started out with 6.3 inches (in length) but am now over 8 inches.
Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Seriously impressive. I may have already asked, but what PE exercise do you credit as giving you the most length?
CURRENT: 6.5" EL x 5.5" EG
GOAL: 7" EL x 6" EG
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