I met this 24 year average looking bubbly, funny fhilipina girl and went on first date. 

     She was very warm and started holding on to my arms few minutes after we met. We had a really good time, laughing, later had a glass of wine and dinner. I was escalating by touch and she was pretty comfortable all along. She laughed out at sexual jokes and inneuandos I made during this time.

       After wine and dinner we went to watch sunset on the beach, lots of hugs, giggles and handholding. When I went for the kiss she said she doesn't kiss on first date. I was cool , though later tried few times. Sometime later she tells me she is a virgin and wants to keep it for her husband after marriage. Had a catholic upbringing. Also said that had a boyfriend of four years and never had anything with him. Though I probed later and she admitted that she masturbates. 

 The date went very romantic and we made plans to go on an overnight trip next weekend. Her physical comfort with me was amazing but she refused a kiss few times.

I like her and would love to have sex with her eventually.
Is the virginity a strategy on her part. I need to decide if I should invest time and money on this girl or just move on to others.

Thanks in advance

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Maybe just looking for marriage and money?
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Marriage...may be.

Money ..didnt seem like that, since she offered to split the bill and has bought a home recently with her brother jointly.

I will probably go on overnight trip and try warming up with oral sex(mutual or tell her to give me) and see how it goes.
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Maybe she is genuine. 
Think you could handle no sex until marraige?!!!

You're going to need some seious will power.......

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I am not planning to marry..and there are better options.

She will make a cute and caring main girl..but not without sex obviously..

Her previous bf was asian childhood sweetheart, I assume he was the shy type. Never escalated properly..
I would experiment with oral and finger stimulation..and see where it goes..

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I just love that you got her to discuss masturbating on the first date 😂
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Well...last week I got a same night lay  from Tinder, a 25 year old east european-Canaidan pretty girl. We ended up having sex on office table..[smile]

I dont know what it was, I am 43 though she thinks I am 32....she was hitting on me more than I was. We met over dinner and things were  turning steamy with our sexual conversations and glances..

I am pretty good at verbal and non verbal escalation, smiling with eyes and smirk play a big role.
She wasnt a virgin by any means..and it was open and direct from both of us.

The second girl who my original post is about, was pretty turned on too..when we are hugging pretty long and talking all sexual stuff. She would change the topic. I did it too since I didn't want to been seen desperate.

Have two dates planned with the the "virgin" in  a week..lets see what works.
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You met her in america?
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From what you wrote, I personally would not spend time or money on her, just my opinion. Many conflicting behaviors from her and average looking, for me, is not worth it...

My 0.2 cents of silly opinion... LOL

Good luck and keep us posted!
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In Toronto. Both.
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