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Wrx904 wrote:
Yea, my wife tells me all of the time that I am too skinny. I’m 5’11” 195lbs and 9.7% BF. I personally think that She is nervous that other women find me attractive. I also tell her that increased visceral fat leads to lower testosterone and higher estrogen. So if she wants me to continue fucking her for hours then I need to hit the gym lol.

5ft11, 195lbs and 9.7% BF? Is that even possible? You must have a very muscled body if so.
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Internet stats work different.
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There are definitely women out there that like fat guys. Ever wonder how Asian people like to change their hair color to blond? Whenever there is a lack of a certain kind of thing, somebody always wants it. Fat guy in Asia is rare so they're always in demand.
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If you feel like hell then it's not even a conversation. You need to do it for you. If she complains... Well, there's an open relationship policy still... Haha

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