After reading this forum for a few months it got me thinking. As it seems everyone on here is seeking something unique  from each other. 

So here is the question 

If there was some way of achieving the perfect penis of your dreams what would it be?

Soft Length?
Soft Thickness?

Hard Length?
Hard Thickness?

Uncut or Cut?

Head type?
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Head: 7.0

Current size

FL6-6.5 varies
FG5-5.5 varies


Ideal 10×8 cut
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5 x 4.5 - 5 flaccid
7 x 5.75 erect


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I'm 5 foot 4. So...

6.6" flaccid length
8.8" erect length
5.5" flaccid girth
6.6" erect girth
[comp] Dig-a-dik, Dik. Dig-a-dik, Dik.
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Im 6 foot 3


7.25" flaccid length 
6" flaccid girth 

8.75" Hard Length 
7" Hard Girth 

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I'd like

6.5" EG, HARD
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9.5" x 6" soft
14" x 7.5" hard
cut, not sure i know what "head type" means... 

I'm nuts... sorry guys
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would be great
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My ideal penis?  Mine.   Whatever size mine is.   That's ideal to me!  LOL [smile]

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My ideal penis = uncircumcised

Having my foreskin cut off was by far the worst outcome of my procedure, which says a lot considering I have huge lumps of scar tissue all over the shaft, and 70ml of the worst filler currently available floating around in my cock.
The best case scenario for me would be for all this filler to wear off within a couple of years, completely get rid of all this scar tissue with steroid injections, and then having a couple of successful rounds of pmma. Even if I manage to pull this off I will never be 100% happy and confident with my penis because I've lost my foreskin, it will always bother me.
There's something about when your foreskin rolls over your glans that makes you more sexually charged, the only way I can describe it, it kind of feels like your testosterone levels have reduced by like 30%
When your having sex you can feel your for skin rolling back and forth and so can the woman, and it makes their vagina wet. Half the time when I have sex with a girl now they get dry and grab some cream or oil to put on their pussy, this didn't happen once when I was uncircumcised.
Also it shrinks the meatus, which restricts urine flow, your glans gets saw and dry and it looks ugly.
I carnt wait for Atala to grow me a new penis with a foreskin ha
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I would say on the large size of average...

7" EL
6" EG

That way you are big enough to satisfy any woman but not too big where it could be a pain issue with some women.

Medium/large, yes, that is the best situation. Same with women's breasts actually.
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sexy beast
8x9, flaccid and erect should get the job done for me.......
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7x6 isn't a size "any" woman can take. You pretty much rule out the overwhelming majority of East Asian women, and a considerable portion of all races/ethnicities won't find it especially easy. 6x5.5 is the size most women polled say is ideal. That said, 7x6 is my goal, but I certainly wouldn't call it ideal. ;-)
CURRENT: 6.5" EL x 5.5" EG
GOAL: 7" EL x 6" EG
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Atlas Drugged
Baybe 5X5 Flaccid and 6.5X5.5 erect
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EG:5.75" base, 6.25" towards the end (baseball bat)

Head: 6.25-6.5" girth, 2" in length - mushroom style.

Balls: The size 2.25" in length each, without factoring in the skin. A hang of about 6 inches.

Cut style would be the most mild of uncut. The rare type wherein, while fully flaccid, only half to 3/4ths of the head is covered. Fully back, when erect, without having to pull it back.
Goal = Large Glans
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