The automatic go-to of anyone you decide to discuss wanting penis enhancement to.  Why? I think it is an easy way for people to avoid talking about the subject.  Maybe it makes them uncomfortable?  Who knows.  But what I do know is as a society we need to rethink how we address men’s needs and the idea of penis enhancement.  

Recently a friend of mine who who got breast implants was discussing me wanting penis enhancement and said:

”you need to see a therapist, for real. You have a problem. It’s a penis. It’s in your pants all day and it’s only purpose is for peeing and making babies.  No one even sees it it’s not a big deal.”  I told her:

”you got breast implants, they’re in your shirt all day except when you feed your babies or flop them in your mans face.”

She began to tell me how it’s not the same because breasts can be publicly seen underneath the shirt but “penises aren’t important like breast size.” - makes no sense to me but okay 👌 

My interest in penis enhancement has nothing to do with not being happy with what I have or my ability to perform in the bedroom or urinate.  It simply is me wanting to ENHANCE a body part. Same as tummy tucks, face lifts, breast implants, nose jobs, etc.  Very rarely are cosmetic surgery patients abnormal to begin with, they just want to be enhanced.  So why is it only “weird” and “taboo” for men to want their penis enhanced?  

I’m so happy to have found this site because for the first time I don’t feel judged for wanting to enhance myself.  I don’t want to do it for anyone but myself and I know by telling people I open the door for their opinions but when the responses automatically go to “something is wrong with you mentally” it really makes me feel something is wrong, instead, with society and the approach to men’s issues.  Or maybe, just maybe, they are right and this is all a psychological issue?  

What are your thoughts on why men with “normal” penises want it enhanced?  Is it some deep seeded mental problem that should be dealt with therapy or is it a normal thing to want to be bigger and better?
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A tighter fit *usually* feels better for both parties. 
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