Well guys never thought i had the courage to seek help and advice but here i am. I went through lengthning surgury (suspensary ligament cut) 1 round of pmma & 2 penile implant (titan coloplast) both times i got infections. Mainly because my urologist says the pmma is just everywhere and it contaminants the insides. Now im left to take out my current infected implant. My question is do you know if i can ever acheive a regular errection without a penile prothesis? I just feel defeated and helpless at this point. 
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This is a question that your surgeon that is performing the removal will have to answear. Nobody here nows how your tissue is affected. 
Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with your penile surgery. But, it is practically a regular basis for guys to be in your situation unfortunately, in this pathetic field of PE surgeries.
So, aside the fact that you went through some bad surgery, you practically splashed cca. 6000-8000 dollars for you to end up here and ask this questions...Jesus Christ.
Unfu...ingbeliveble how the hell in 2019 with all the advancements in technology applied in medicine, they just cannot find a way to safely yet radically improve one's penis.
By now, given the importance of this aspect, you should be able to go to a clinic and say... i'll have a nine inch please.
Good luck and hope that someone here can give you an answear and to find a way to get back on track.
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Avanti Derma
Did you have any previous infection(s) after your PMMA but before the penile implants?
It looks like an easy excuse for post-surgical infections.
We have many patients that have gone through facelifts or inflatable prosthesis after full facial reconstruction procedures or penile injections of PMMA and never had secondary infections.
I'm just curious.
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@Avanti Derma never had any previous infections. Only infections that occured was after my first penile implant. Im on my third procedure now. I have had 1 titan coloplast then after the infecton and semi rigid then back to a 3 piece and im in the proccess of having it removed soon. I just feel defeated and worried i will never gain a regular errection again. I made a mistake of not doing proper research and nose diving into my PE path.
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As far as I have read, once you have such kind of intracavernous implant, your natural abolity to have an erection is gone for good. But have they tried to fight the infection before removal? Does your body reject it? Isnt there a possibility to reimplant another device?
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@lordoftorture thats what i was afraid of originally when i got the penile implant my errections were fine. I just felt they werent as hard after i cut my suspensory ligament. Therefore i went ahead and went with the 3 piece implant. To answer the question once there are signs of infection you have to remove it completely. Wait for the body n penis to heal then try again months later. Iv been doing allt of that and havent been able to have any swxual activies since march which freakin sucks. Next week i removed my implant yet again and dont know what the next move is. Esp if i cannot even achieve a regular errection i dont even know what to do next. Any suggestions guys... real bummer
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