I’m new here, but found the discussions informative. I recently saw ads for the Elist/Penuma and, given my wife was talking about breast implants I thought I could do something for her as well. I’ve never had issues with size but have always figured a little more couldn’t hurt.

The more I read here, the more I am uncertain about the Elist implant and have been leaning more towards HA/PMMA.

My wife (Asian) says she is happy, and I don’t doubt it, but when she is very turned on there is some room that I want to fill out 🙂 either way we have sex all the time even after having two little ones.

I don’t do pumping or stretching or other things. 

Current stats (Grower):
FG: 4”
FL: 1.5”-2.5”
EG: 4.75”
EL: 6”

FL: 4”+
EG: 5.75” (Base)
EL: 7”

From what I’ve read, erect length increases are difficult to achieve, but girth is more readily addressed. I don’t want to gain too much because my wife doesn’t want it to hurt, and some treatments sound semi-permanent. 

I don’t want it to feel fake or look awful. I don’t want to have sensation loss or major scarring/damage or loss of function/erectuon quality.

My understanding is that HA is reversible and biodegradable but doesn’t last and isn’t cost effective unless I have tons of money to burn.

Elist implant seems to have tons of negative reviews and events (I read the Mustang experience and had my eyes opened). I was disappointed here as it seems like it would do what was wanted (in theory). So I’m much much less likely to go this route. 

PMMA I’ve heard mixed things. Sounds permanent, can feel natural or fake, may take multiple treatments. But then some folks warn about long term effects, but the procedure seems simpler.

I’m looking for advice on which route to go and to learn more from this forum. As I make a decision, I will post my results and progress.

Also, I work two jobs and am raising a family, so if there are existing posts on this forum that I missed that you can point me to, please help a guy out. I haven’t navigated everywhere yet and have been relying on Google.

-Z (Chris)
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I think it's clear that you've recognized there is no obvious choice, as they all have drawbacks. But you can't just gloss over these drawbacks as they can have devastating consequences. So it's not just a case of finding the option that is most likely to give you the kind of result you are hoping for, but also you to have to consider is it worth taking the risk at all? 

For a single guy, who has a very small penis and is avoiding sexual relationships because of it, which naturally would have a tremendously negative effect on his quality of life,  there is a hell of a lot to gain by having a successful PE procedure. So much so, that it's often worth the risks involved. But as a married man, who has a family, do you really have much to gain from having a bigger penis? When these things go wrong, the results can be life shattering and it's not just you it will effect. A sexually dysfunctional husband and severely depressed father doesn't make for the ideal family man. 

Obviously you need to make your own choice as to whether you go ahead with a procedure or not, but with what I said above in mind, 100% avoid the Elist implant. Don't even give it a 2nd thought. 
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I just had my pmma removed. I am sitting here in hotel healing as we speak and my beautiful wife and mother of 3 kids is at home. 

If sex is good, and she is happy, do not fiddle with your member. I would love to turn back time and undo what I did to my penis. 

Look to other things to occupy occupy your time and make u happy. This is a bad road to go down. All of this is experimental. All of this is not backed by medical boards. If you have problems no one will want to take care of your issues. 

Do not not do anything with you penis. Leave it alone. 
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I second @hoddle10  Stay clear of Elist for sure.    And in the mean time, while you figure out what you want or are leaning towards  suggest you get familiar with different types of PE and find a rythym or routine. Start small and work up,   check out Thunders Place.    I have my preferences:  Wearing Cock Weights, Stretching and Hanging.   But you can also pump for length too,  you can wear extenders.  bla bla bla.    
Get used to it, because you will need to do some of this or all of this after your procedure to really maximize your results. 
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Well, first off, I’m deeply appreciative of the responses. I have to admit I was surprised by the recommendations. I anticipated excitement and recommendations and instead got a dose of reality and reasonable considerations. I’ll think hard before doing anything, and definitely will consider risks. This will slow down any actions I may take. I haven’t responded to my Elist consultation thankfully after reading here. I’ll look into the things you mention @Texas.

if I have updates I’ll share.
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I've got the Elist, and things have been just fine for me. Not for everyone, but for me it has worked out. I did exactly what I was told to do in recovery, and I am happy I got it. My $0.02.
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Going to try pumping and manual techniques first before moving forward. Thanks everyone and @Texas . Will not be posting for awhile.
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Anytime @Zxcs2019.  If you need to, just message me 
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I went to Elist office and backed out right before the procedure. Glad i did. Heard horror stories from patients and not one person in his office has had it done. I've had HA injection and I'm glad with it. I plan to get 5ml top of each year. Don't want to be to noticeably large or disfigured but i think if you're going for a mild improvement it's something to consider
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