I have this prosthesis. I am grateful for it. There is no debate. The 8 years I have had it would not be as enjoyable as there is mo alternative.
Starting Stats:
BPEL: 6.75
MSEG: 5.125

6 Weeks post Round 1:
BPEL: 6.5
MSEG: 6.0
BSEG: 5.75
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That is probably one of if not the best IPP to have.  There are some rather detailed clinical studies involving Metacrill® and IPP's that demonstrated high patient satisfaction and safety (short term of course).  I wish you the best bro and am happy to have you here.  You're at an advantage as you can pump that bad boy up for extended periods so I suspect you'll have an excellent aesthetic result.
Never gonna retire from PE! What? You gotta problem with dat?

Progress Report
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@ Great view M7.
I think it would be better Caveman investigate the possibility of making your enhacement as grafts or Alloderm or Belladerm, as he has guaranteed erection and time of graft is effective. (Just a point of view I have)

I'll attach a photo to the Caveman can study on the choice of Alloderm.
If overload our provider moderators can delete the photo.

@ Caveman,
On aesthetics, these 8 years of his 3-piece implant.
What can you talk about the aesthetics and cave girls found that their performance of their new tool?

One question I have, about 3 pieces implant.

In these 8 years have you noticed any loss in their inches (both in length and around)?

Good luck Cavemannnnnnnnn!!!!!!
I'm from Brazil,
Always looking for ways to increase my penis.
I hope to change many Info such, with friends from Phalloboard
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When you have sex with the inflatable implant can partners tell that it is an implant or does it go unnoticed and feel natural?

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I AM 44 YEARS OLD AND HAD THE amx 3 Piece penile implant done in December for ED. I would have never of had this done if I would have done the proper research first. I was looking for a permanent answer to ED, and instead have increased problems in my sex life, further creating tension with my wife. She is the best, and 90% understands, but she is a woman with feelings, and I know she is hurting inside and very disappointed. I have lost a little over an inch of length, and a lot of girth. When I am "pumped up" the head is soft. I am getting natural blood flow to my penis when pumped up which helps some, but after I orgasm it disappears quickly. My wife is left without feeling me, and I am left feeling like I am not a man.

This was the worst decision, and then I found the Dr. Elist website, and briefly thought there was a chance, but alas, I now see it is not a reality and I could even further damage my situation. I want to take it out, and was thinking since I have blood flow, I could gain natural erections if it is removed, but I find no supporting evidence of that possibility. My Uro states I would lose all ability for natural erections if I had it removed.

I hate my decision, I hate me, I hate not being able to satisfy my wife, I hate not feeling like a man.
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You don't seem to be in a right place now but one point from me - don't we all get soft after having an orgasm?

 "I am getting natural blood flow to my penis when pumped up which helps some, but after I orgasm it disappears quickly."
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@rockor why dont you inject caverject youll be hard for 3-4 hrs straight
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Your surgeon messed up. Give us his name so that others can steer clear away from him. You have one or two options.

If you can afford it, remove this and have a bigger, longer one (like Titan) put in. Take ED drugs also to engorge the glans and have an all round fuller erection.

Don't love to your detriment. If the wife cannot try to put up with your dick, find who will and in a few months you'll be yourself again.

Can you tell us the cost and your experience with the procedure?
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My apologies I never reaponded, I was ina bad place.
I am glad you reach out. Yes, I think there is hope, but it will take time and patience. For me I had to realize I needed to improve my health. I started a fitness journey, lost a lot of weight and completely beat diabetes. with the weight loss, my penis size increased. Also, because of my improved health, I actually can get a natural erection. With the natural erection plus pumping it up, my size is back to normal standards, if not a little better.

My Dr and process was through the VA, so nobody would have to worry about landing with the same Dr.

My doctor had told me he was willing to re-operate and try to add a couple centimeters, but to me it made more sense to do my part first, and if needed re-operate. Take some time, learn patience and improve your health, and your mental state of mind, I promise it will help. I do think one can achieve a natural erection without the device, but it is still not as strong as when I was young. I am happy now, with my implant and my ability to control my life.

Good luck my friend
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Interesting.  I had the AMS700 its a three piece.  It totally fixed my Peyronies issue.  Now I just pump it up and can go for hours.  Yes, the tip is a little rubbery I guess but doesn't affect anything so far.  My partner loves it and says it feels so hard.  

You surgeon must have messed up something.  I have researched for a year before my selection. 
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