What do you all think are the advantages and disadvantages of having HA injections?

do you think it is worth it but just expensive?

doesnt give the right result?

doesnt last too long?

how does it differ from other fillers/pmma?
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From a research prospective only.    Its to expensive for the duration you will have it.    That is the consensus of many members here.      Some say its squishy, others say its natural.  I have meet to people personally and those were there opinions ( so 50/50 ).     
  - Im sure someone on here has had it done that can answer you. 

However,  Advantage:  If you wanted to test out what you dick looks like being bigger  or see how a certain amount of ML's produces for you .   
     - with that said.  I dont PMMA and never got HA so I cant say exactly how each would produce in regards to size gained from a certain amount of ML's
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i have actualy had 10ml Voluma ha and am about 1/2 inch thicker on the base area. Mid is the same.

slightly squishy feel but still very hard overall. Just like a slight padding. I was bpel 6.5 and 5.5eg top to bottom to begin and now the same just 6/6.25 on the base.

when I first had sex it was fuller on the mid so it moved down during the setting period even with moulding. Felt great
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Dr Oates
Advantages - totally reversible, lumps/granuloma can be fixed, can give a good enhancement - routinely 1" flaccid and 1/2" erect, last for years

Disadvantages - more mobility initially - will usually settle into fixed place, our experience is that after 2 yrs most guys will retain 90% of the maximum girth but it has contracted slightly from the base and towards the glans( so the top-up is mostly there). It is slightly softer than stimulatory fillers like PMMA/Ellanse
What ever you do, make sure it is safe.
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2 years for Voluma HA dr Oates?
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My experience  


Pros, zero issues, easy to smoothe stuff out, no problem if something goes wrong

cons, never ending cost to sustain, I don't think you come close to retaining 90% after 2 years, 1 year yeah, 2 years no. More like 30% or so. 

I've had a few lots done now on/off , always good results, some folks say a bit squishy, cant say I noticed that , its hard AF erect.

I am looking for something more permanent though, just a pain and expensive going back all the time.

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