Hi there, followed the boards for a while and have finally decided to something about my problem this year but want advice.

Back Story

I have been conscious about my penis size my entire life. It's not a micro penis but it is small and turtles badly. I'd say 99% of the time my dick doesn't even protrude from my body and it's practically a mangina type space. If I did around and pull it out, it's about an 2 inch long. Erect I am about 4.5 inches. I've been secretly embarrassed my whole life, and had plenty of embarrassing situations with doctors, the odd family member and school. Not having a 'normal' dick has become a real part of my life, I don't use urinals (can't 'go' in them when I try as am so self conscious), don't take public showers at gym and constantly have to find excuses to use cubicle toilets and avoid possible scenes of embarrassment. 

I'm now at a point (financially and 30 years old) where I want to do something about it. I'm not after PMMA or fat transfer/girth solutions and am prepared to do as much post stretching as it takes. 

Ideally I would like the lig cut surgery through the scrotum. 

The Options I know about are:

Dr Viel - I'm London based and have seen him a lot in the media, but VY scarring looks awful.
Dr Rosenthal - Willing to travel to LA but worried about how I'll get follow ups / checks.
German Centre for Urology - Looks great on paper, but use to be bad right/lies right?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated but please don't tell me not to get it done, I'm not some guy with a huge dick who wants to be a porn star, I'm doing this for self confidence / a better life so I can shower at the swimming pool ffs! Any gains will be better than what I already have and I'm well aware of post surgery stretching for a year and will do it properly. Thanks.

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None of the options you've listed do the lig cut through the scrotum.

Go and see David Ralph. I'm pretty sure he doesn't do the Y/V incision. He's runs the andrology unit at UCL Hospital. I think he only uses a pubic incision, but he's in London and is arguably the most respected urologist in the UK.

Another option is Dr Solomon in Philadelphia. I think he might be able to do the lig cut through the scrotum, but i'm not sure.
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If you want to get your ligs cut, you should read HunkChunks thread.

I sent a PM to him a while back about his procedure in Russia, and he was vey pleased with the outcome. I don't think he will mind me quoting him (in part),

"My lig cut was very successful. It left no scar and the angle and erection strength remain the same. The doctor at Clinic Brazil is world class, and the best for this rare procedure through the scrotum...I am extremely happy with the result and forgot what life used to be like."

You will not necessarily gain much in the erect state, but you can get decent flaccid gains, providing you follow the post-op stretching regime.

Best of luck and welcome to this forum.
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Thanks for your replies. I read HunkChunks thread but it seemed like one giant advert for the Brazil clinic and I have no intentions of going somewhere where they don't speak good English. I will investigate David Ralph and Dr Solomon, I'm really not adverse to a pubic incision as I'll always keep my pubic hair, it'd just be preferable for scrotum if possible. Anyone else I should research? Thanks.
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I had Rosenthal do mine, 1 horizontal incision in the pubic region, It is not noticeable whatsoever with pubic hair, but about half of it is still palpable to the touch.
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jimmy_the _blade
Hey MJ,
I've been lurking on this board for a few years, but I will say that I've learned a lot, even though I haven't been active. I was very close to doing an implant with Dr Eslit, until I found this site and learned the truth.

Have you tried any stretching systems? It's taken me several years of trying products that didn't stay on or were not comfortable, but I've finally found something that works for me. With a couple of months of dedicated ADS stretching, I'm defenity longer in the flasid state and I've noticed some minor EL gains. Just thought I would ask because from everything I've read, the lig cut doesn't deliver very much and there are arguments that say the post op stretching would work the same with out the surgery. Just a thought. Let me know if you have any interested in what I've tried. Good luck
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Wear Her Out
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I went to Dr. Reed in Miami FL and was very happy with the procedure -but he does a small pubic cut.
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jimmy_the _blade
Hunkydory , what did you gain? Did you gain in both FL and EL? Do you have any before and after photos you can share?
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