Hi All!

On the 15th I had a HA Voluma Juvaderm Procedure done by Androfil in London. Thanks to the guys posting on this site I also booked my appointment about a month ago and flew to London Last Saturday.

Some Background: 
I considered different options but preferred to go with something temporarily and reversible. I have been doing PE for many years mainly clamping, stretches and bends exercises with the occasional pumping and hanging. As I was no longer gaining much anymore I decided it was time for a change.

My pre-PE size was:

BPEL: 7.8 Inch
Mid Girth: 5.35 Inch

Pre HA size:
BPEL 8.2 inch
Mid Girth: 6.0 Inch
Flaccid lengh: varies from 4.5 - 6.5 Inches
Flaccid Girth: varries 5.3 inches on average

My Appointment was on the 15th of April at 3 PM. The clinic is located in a nice neighborhood with some good hotels nearby. They had me wait for a while in the waiting room. Francis then came and introduced himself and pulled me aside to the hallway between 2 closed doors to have a personal chat. He is a great guy.

After that I had my consultation with Dr. Horn who seems to be a good and professional doctor but of course less chatty than Francis.  I informed him I wanted 20 ML due to my current size.

He checked my flaccid hang which unfortunately shriveled up to a new record, made worse by my Turkey neck (penile Scrotal webbing). He then mentioned he could not do more than 14 ML. I was a little bit bummed out but I took his advice and went with the 14 ML.

One of his main worries was that it would end up in my foreskin.

They gave me the cream and 30 minutes later I was called back in to his office to start the procedure. I should say the shots towards the base still hurt quite a bit as probably I did not put enough cream there. Everything else went fine and I guess around 4.30 PM I was out of the office. They gave me some penicillin and supportive underwear.

I went to hotel, made myself comfortable and made sure my penis was upright. A few hours later around 7 PM My unit felt a bit sore but nothing major, I barely had any bruising and so I started to massage the lumps and within an hour or so I had all the lumps dissolved. 

I forgot to mention to the Doc that I have a minor curve to the left and would need more product there. Because of this my curve at this point seemed a bit worse as well as there seemed to be some unevenness between the amount of product on the left and the right side (more on the right).

Something they will need to correct on the 25th when I go back for my second round.

I went to sleep and woke up around 6 AM. All the bruising and swelling from injections was gone (I heal fast). No lumps returned and by the end of the day you could not even see anymore where the injections punctured the skin. 

My biggest surprised was how big it got and how amazing smooth and good it looked. My curve being almost gone as well. I measured my midshaft girth at 18 cm (7.1 inches) and my flaccid was massive as well though I did not measure it that day.

For a day or 2 it stayed slightly sore and I made sure to always sleep on my back for the first 4 nights and to always keep it upright. I also kept putting vaseline on it as well. I am happy to say I have no product in my foreskin and when I get an erection my foreskin retracts by itself.

One of the best things about HA is how much wider it makes your penis. I used to pump myself to about 7 inches girth at times but it would be more of a round shape. Now I am around 7 inches but with a wide shape and it just makes it look so much bigger.

Now on the 5th day (the 4th day after the procedure) I have measured the same size for the last 3 days:

BPEL: 7.7 inch. 
Midshaft Girth: 6.9 Inch (17.5 CM)
Flaccid Length: 6.5 Inch
Flaccid Girth: 6.3 inch

That correct I lost about 0.5 an inch in length. I personal think it is some turteling and perhaps my skin being tighter than normal and not being able to stretch like I normally do. Though One time I got a very good erection and it seemed I did have my normal length. I am not worried and I will get my length back.

It might seem that I gained a lot (if it sticks) for my size but Just to mention: I did not have anything injected in the base as my base due to the many years of clamping is already close to 7 inches in girth. This is a more oval shape so it does look thinner but not out of proportion. 

My head is about 2 inches long, the thick part of the base is also around 2 inches long. Then I have it somewhat tapered from the head towards the midshaft so really only 4 inches of Length needed to be injected which I guess explains why I gained quite a lot midshaft wise.

For round two I will get 20 ML. I need some extra product on the left side but after the product settled my curve is actually less than it has ever been and there is just 2 places where it has noticeable less product but only really when you feel it. It is hard to see with the eye.

I will post some pictures soon of the days of injection and the 1st day after and later this week I will try posting some follow up pics as well.

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Thanks for the report uncase, it's much appreciated. 

Looking forward to your photos.
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Here my pics. The ones with the bruising are of the day of the procedure and was when the bruising was at its worst. The other pics are of the morning after.

I should mention since I clamped up to about 2 days before the procedure I usually start losing some of the temporary girth gains of clamping within a week. I gained about 0.7 Inch Mid shaft girth through clamping. I would say about 0.5 inch of that is permanent now. Not being able to clamp for the next few weeks means it is hard to say when I am losing some of the gains after getting the HA procedure whether this is because the swelling is going down or whether I am no longer clamping gains. However I will be able to get these gains back soon after of course.                     20170415_190029.jpg  20170415_190037.jpg  20170415_212937.jpg  20170415_212958.jpg  20170416_094147.jpg  20170416_094154.jpg  20170416_094335.jpg  20170416_094435.jpg  20170416_094511.jpg  20170416_094605.jpg  20170416_094745.jpg 

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Quick update, both flaccid and erect girth are slightly bigger today (day 5) then yesterday. I am hanging much fuller as well as harder and thicker when erect which probably has to do with better erection quality of today. Even when bending the penis I don't feel any kind of soreness or internal pain (I could still feel some internal pain the day before yesterday).

Also my scrotum is hanging more lose again. Due to the trauma they were really stick to my shaft making it seem shorter. I guess all is getting back to "normal".

Very satisfied with the results. I hope everyone that recently has reported their HA progress will also routinely report back regarding how long it takes for the HA to Dissolve. I hope it is truly 2 years but personally I doubt this and I am thinking I will probably be topping up every 8 - 12 months with a additional 6 ML. 

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Will you do any manual PE to maintain, especailly your length gains? Would be interestin to see someone who did. great results!
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thanks for this topic , will do in few weeks.
i have a procedure on 11 may in Paris with voluma .
will create a topic , as i much appreciate those who did it before !
top result here .
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Swapzor wrote:
Will you do any manual PE to maintain, especailly your length gains? Would be interestin to see someone who did. great results!

Good question. Since I have no product in the base I should be able to clamp there without problems as well as doing bends to hopefully gain some further gains in girth.

I would like to resume with stretches at least to maintain my current length. Not sure if I will use my vacuum hanger. I will consider it.

Pumping is a different question all together in might try it once just to see the result.

Day 6: measurements still holding. All feels great.
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I would be careful with clamping, not saying you cant do it just be careful. Think its one of the most intense exercises after a procedure but if you start out slow (maybe just do it for a few mins and not the tightest grip on the clamp) you can work your way up to longer times. Same should go for pumping, I would guess, and its a guess, that pumping is less risky if you start out with short periods and low pressure. 

The most intriguing part is if you could gain length. You can prob gain some girth with pumping and mb clamping. But if you can use a hanger effectively it would be a major breakthourgh. I dont know when you can start and try things out, your decision. 

But please keep us posted. 

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My concern with Hanging would be that it might make me lose some of the girth gains? I definitely will implement some regular stretching just to not loosing any lenght but not sure if I will be hanging. Also isn't a thick penis more difficult to grow through hanging anyway?

I know my penis well and have a lot of experience with clamping and bend exercises I think it will be fine as long as proceed carefully. At first I think I will start with some bends and maybe uli's at 80% erection level. I did some light bends today with very little pressure and it does seem to increase size temporarily. I did this as part of daily massage just keep it healthy. 

I can definitively notice I haven't clamped, after I quit clamping the first 1 or 2 weeks I can always feel a tingling sensation in the inner part of the penis. Almost like it's getting cold inside there. So int hat sense I should be losing some girth right now either way.

My flaccid girth really seems to hold up well being at least 16 cm (6.3 inches) and at times even close to 17 cm. 

Still every morning or end of the day I expect to see my size decrease but so far it's stable. 

From the other reports I read it seems my experience is different. On the day of the procedure my erection was thicker but maybe at best just 0.5 Inches and very uneven. The morning after however I was sitting my size increase was around 1.2 inches and was almost completely healed already. The morning there after however my increase has set at 0.9 Inches and has been stable since.

That being said I expect my size to fall back to 6.5 inches at any time for a total increase of 0.5 inches for the 14 ML I received which seems more realistic. 

For now still:
6.9 Inches erect girth
6.3 Inches flaccid girth.

That is only 0.6 inches differences between erect and flaccid girth which makes sense since my pre HA size was around 5.4 flaccid and 6 inch erect girth which is also a 0.6 inch difference.

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Day 7:

Definitely loosing some of the size that being said this is partly because I am loosing some of my PE gains and my erection quality is not that good as I am very tired and also a bit anxious to lose some of the gains. 

On the bright side I got a nice bj last night from my girlfriend which was my first action since the procedure was done. I got a great erection, she also commented how hard I got. I wish I could have measured but that would have been a bit awkward but I definitely got my length back. 

Flaccid Length: 6.5 inches (unchanged)
Erect length: 8.3 Inches BPEL (got it all back it seems)
Flaccid girth: 5.9 Inches (down from 6.3 inches)
Erect Girth: 6.7 inches mid shaft(down from 6.9)

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Day 10:

Everything is great, even though my HA set on the first day there seemed to be quite some unevenness. That however was mostly still some swelling. I have also resumed some clamping already and it seems to also have made the unevenness even less. Was able to have sex as well without problem and without pain.

My gains have been stable since day 7 and I am still at: 

Flaccid Length: 6.5 inches 
Erect length: 8.3 Inches BPEL
Flaccid girth: 5.9 Inches 
Erect Girth: 6.7 inches mid shaft

In total a 0.7 inch gain from 14 ML. Not bad at all. Tomorrow I will get round 2 and should be getting another 20 Ml. I am hoping to get to 7.5 inches midshaft.

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Good update and progess. Maintaining good EQ is ofcourse key to keeping your previous PE gains untill you can doing your manual routine agian. Towel rasies is a good way to improve EQ.
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Beautiful job. Lucky you. Lucky also to have your foreskin. Thanks for your informative posts. Good luck.
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Wait 3 weeks then measure. I lost almost all my filler by that point. [wink]

I am curious why you are even having this procedure though given your penis is thick and long already vs most.
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Does your dick still feel natural to women after the procedure?
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