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Uncas, any updates on maintaining your gains? Also about the feel as Mello mentioned?
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Sorry Guys for not updating. So I went for a second round and a third round (the last was just a touch up) for a total 40 ML. I had even less bruising the second time which was on the 26th of April and pretty much now bruising when I went for the touch up. The touch up was on the 10th of May. 

Too soon to really say where this will all land. But so far the results are good. Though I would say I wish it was a little harder but then again I probably still have some fluids and swelling. Overall it feels great and is not noticeable at all. Size wise I think I have gained about 1.5 inches but not being optimistic it will probably set at 1 inch as I did notice that after 2 weeks the size was still going down. So I guess I will have to report back in a month from now.

overall I can recommend it for sure. 

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So I just had a What the heck moment. I went to the washroom and saw my measuring tape. A very accurate one I might say as When I compared it with my string measurement it turn out my measurements were way off.

For everyone measuring girth get a thin seamstress tape, not those broad ones. If you are measuring with a cord or anything else you will notice that with the tape you are quite a bit smaller.

Anyway I hadn't really measured since the first procedure as I was starting to get obsessed almost afraid I was losing size measuring myself over and over again every day.

So I saw the tape laying around just now and Decided to measure my flaccid girth. I still can't believe it. I measure 7.0 inches at midshaft flaccid. I even remeasured the tape with a ruler lol to be sure it was not off. It just shows how delusional we get especially over time when we get used to things. 

I will measure Erect tomorrow. I am guessing I am sitting at 7.5 as I believe there is not as much difference anymore between my erect and flaccid girth (at least for now, both will probably go down in the next few weeks).
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Here a picture of the flaccid girth measurement.

Length wise I am around 6 - 6.5 Inches when soft however due to my severe turkey neck (which I plan to get fixed some time) it looks not as long.
6.jpg  20170519_175927cop.jpg 

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Very impressive girth.  7" flaccid is no joke.
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CURRENT: EL 8"  EG 7" midshaft  FL 7-7.5"  FG 6.25-6.5"
GOALS: EL 9"  EG 7"  FL 8"+  FG 6.5"
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Since your three procedures, have you gone back and measured your erect length to absolutely confirm that you got all of it back? I'm especially curious after these last procedures you just reported.
One concern of mine is that repeated procedures to get HA might cause some scar tissue/erect length retraction that could be permanent (think about it - ~30 or so minor dick operations over a lifetime to continue fillling your dick with HA). So if these last 3 had no effect on your length, it would make me feel a bit better.

As a side note on my research into the different HA lines, I really wish these companies would be honest with how long the HA lasts. Dr. Oates has been straight up with us about it - but I'm talking about Juvederm as a company. I really hope one day they actually do make a temporary filler that can last 2 years.
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Sorry Guys for not updating. So it has 2.5 months since my first procedure and 1.5 months since my last.

So far I am happy with the results though at some point I want to go back for some more corrections and it is not completely even. Though it looks fine overall and not something anyone would really notice or be suspicious about I just want to even out a few small kinks. 

So good news is actually that my flaccid girth has increased further. My Flaccid girth is for 90% of the time around 7.25 inches. sometimes even up to 7.30. This is great as A month a go I was usually measuring just a hair under 7.0 inches are just a hair above. Now I have not seen it go below on 7.1 even on bad days. 

My erect girth is a bit hard to say since if I know I am going to measure it I just can't get a decent erection but I assume it is a max 0.5 inch higher than my flaccid girth. I would say on average my erect girth is currently 7.75 Inch.

Smalljay: Yes I have gotten all my length back.

Regarding erection quality. My erections are fine and hard though the outer layer if you press softly is a little softer but not noticeable really for anybody else but you.

In the future though I think I will give Ellanse a try for a bit extra rigidness, longer lasting and more permanent growth.

Curious though how long it would take for all Juvaderm to dissolve. From what I heard some still have quite a bit after 2 years while some seem to lose most after 8 months.

Any questions let me know. I will try add more pictures. 

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