I used to have really good clear skin when I was younger and it seems its a big part of looking attractive. Is it a case that once you've lost it you don't get it back? Any good tips that are more detailed than clean diet and exercise? thanks
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Go to a dermatologist/beautician and have them analyse your skin. You will use the advice to follow a cleaning/beauty regimen. They may try to hawk you the products they carry, but you can use their advice and buy online which is almost always cheaper.
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Along with everything that has been mentioned  above. As we aged our bodies react differently to foods than when we were younger. Eating healthier/diet may not always benefit your skin if you’re having an reaction to it. For me until I gave up dairy and sugar which no matter what products i used from a dermatologist/ aesthetician or how clean my eating was my skin didn’t clear up until i stop eating those things. Maybe taking an allergic test to see if certain foods cause your body inflammatory reactions could be helpful as well.

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