I have seen these pen guns which put hyaluronic acid under the skin without the need for injection.

Would these work for penis purposes illiminiting the need for hyaluronic acid injections?

Anyobody know or tried this out?
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I think it would result in the HA being too shallow. Also it would take forever. It just isn't a practical way to fill the penis. 
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Avanti Derma
OMG! At least you're thinking about going superficial, but (unless you're a licensed physician), you should drop the plan.
The first thing that came to my mind was one patient that came to consult for correction. I rejected him because he got some "pmma" from an online store and injected the stuff himself; he ended up inside the tip of the right cavernosum body, collapsing it and creating a hard, retractile area that deformed the penis.
What saved him from amputation was an incredible pain that made him stop.
Keep the home procedures to what is strictly safe!
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My apologies. I wasn't meaningfully promoting the idea, just questioning its legitimacy
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