About a year ago I had Radiesse injected by Dr. Casavantas, about 10cc or 20cc (don't remember). Unfortunately the filler did not last long. About 4-6 months later all of it was gone. It spent $5k to trial results. I liked the outcome. It felt natural and the size difference was significant, and ideal.

It is too expensive to keep injecting a temporary filler so I would like to learn more about PMMA. 

Anyone out here had PMMA for over a year now and can say if they regret it or not? If you do not please state your pros and cons anyway. If you do regret it then why?

I am debating and itching to get PMMA injected, but because of its permanent nature I am still afraid. 

Anyone had Radiesse first and liked it, and then after had PMMA done with similar results?

What is the best PMMA filler to go for today?

Also, I'd like to add that I did have some minor imperfections with the Radiesse. I am in circumcised and after the swelling was gone my penis was not completely symmetrical. It wasn't that bad to be noticeable. If I do go for this I will ask if the filler can be injected during erected state to better sculpt the shape.
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I had my first round done just about 3 years ago. Two more rounds and a touch-up in the two years following. I couldn't be more happy with my results. It's not totally perfect, and the one spot I could go in and get touched up. But I'm happy enough not to do that. I gained about 1.5". It feels great, looks great, and is super thick now.
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Smokdu123 wrote:
It's not totally perfect, and the one spot I could go in and get touched up.

What is wrong with that spot? Is it a nodule? Dent?
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I loved it! In fact, I'm at Grand Hotel after getting round 2 this morning with Dr. Morales. One could reason that if it worked so well, why go back. This is a procedure you want to be conservative with. More CCs equal more chance of mistake but Avanti Derma has found the right balance. People from around the globe come here bc they are the standard bearer of the procedure. Super pleased with round 1 (had to use lube to get it in my gf even when she was wet). My length is short so might as well fatten this puppy up. So here I am.... PMMA increased my confidence tremendously. Well worth it.
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