Hey guys, I have to share a wild story from two weeks ago. One of my best buddies is a barber and a total player and is always bragging about bringing slutty younger women back to his shop (it's near all the bars) and screwing their brains out. He is a bodybuilder and pretty confident but my friends and I didn't believe the crazier aspects of his stories. Two weeks ago we told him to put his money where his mouth was and to tape his exploits on his security camera so we could watch it after soccer next week. He produced the tape and this is what went down: he walks a young blonde slut with massive fake tits in a cocktail dress inside, points at the security camera, and sits her down in his barber chair. He sits down in his stool and after making out with her for 15 minutes he undressed her and sat her down in the chair and tongued her clit for 20 minutes. Then he pulled her to the edge of the chair and put his left hand on her stomach and with his right started working his fingers up and down inside her . She groaned and wiggled around but he pushed her legs apart with his elbows and slipped three fingers in again. After working up a sweat for what seemed forever she started moaning and then let out a big sigh. He pulled his hand out and wiped it on a towel and then dabbed her pussy and wiped up the shiny drips she left on the leather seat. He then gave her a kiss on the forehead and then reclined her in the chair into a decline position and then fiddled with the headrest so her head was leaning right back. He moved right behind her and unbuckled his pants and let out his long dick. He held her her mouth open and slid it in. He started pumping back and forth and even on the camera I could see her thoat and windpipe bulging. After like 2 minutes of gagging and pumping he pulled out and I could see the strands of cum from his dick to her lips. She sat up and he got her a glass of water with his dick out and then the tape cut out. I was so impressed. After watching what was like 7.5 in length push around in a throat I want to push for more length before PMMA. My buddy is thinking of making more videos and putting them online. I couldn't believe his technique I have never seen deep throat action like that because I have never laid a girl down flat and had length and a cooperative throat.
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