What are the best doctors for a ligament cut for length. 

Looking mainly at scaring, and then gains. 

Anyone with experiance with a good lig cut here? 

I want a lig cut but also want the best doctor 
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I went with Dr. Brian Rosenthal in Southern California. Mine turned out fine. Other countries provide scrotal incisions which I wish was an option. I have a scar but it's easily covered with a thin patch of hair. Do your research and decide who's the best for you.

Married my Avatar and got the better END of the deal!

Pre Ligament Release  4" FL, 7.1x5.5-mid BPE
Current 5.2" FL, 8x5.5-mid BPE (Erect gain from 2 years post continued hanging/extending)

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I am not speaking from experience here at all.  But I always say this, I like the fact that Dr Carney at Mroganstern is a urologist ,  which is the type of dr that will put a prosthetic in or a pump if you ever break your cock.     My two cents. 
Good luck. 
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I went to Dr. Morganstern and Dr. Carney did the operation. I gained 2.5" flaccid from the lig cut. He said it was at the high end of his experience and pre-OP he said I was going to "at best, only hope for an inch" I measured 4" flaccid pre-op, 6.5+ post. He seemed very surprised. I gained probabl  1/2" erect post-op.

I would insist that you have him use non-desolving suchers. Mine broke and tore the incision open in a week and it got infected. The location  of the incision is an area that pulls a lot when you walk or even go #2. I had to go to my regular doctor back home and get antibiotics. I spent a few weeks with a torn open wound. I ordered a sucher kit from Amazon and sewed it up myself. The scar is gonna be bad, all because I trusted him with the dissolving stitches.

I'm finally starting to stretch a couple times a day for an hour each. He said you have to work up to it. It hurts at first but now its comfortable. This should give me up to 2" in 12 months. There's more to stretch now than before so the muscle is longer. He recommends the Phallosan Forte. Its $350 but easily worth it. I had a fat graph at the same time and the lipo is painful. My legs bruised almost to my ankles. I wouldn't recommend it done concurrently. The swelling below the head took two weeks to go down and the stretching device is finally not hurting to attach. I'm hoping for a solid 8+" 🍆
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