Hello,  has anyone had buttock implants?  If yes, I'm interested to hear about your experience, where/who you got them, and what they're like post-surgery.  I'm curious to know what your butt feels like with implants - does it feel "natural" or hard/stiff?

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Butt implants are horrible feel fake and look wierd when you bend over on all fours.  I have 2 friends who did it and totally regret it.   I had PMMA enhancement done to my glutes.  Dr. Morales did it.  My first session was just 250cc each glute.  I was happy but wanted more and a few years later got 300more cc in each glute.  I love it, and Dr. Morales is amazing.  Great staff at Avanti Derma.
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I had butt implants 14 years ago in Argentina. 
They have worked great all these years. 
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