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Probably beating a dead horse but my old gear prior to pmma isn't going to work out. Pics for orientation of said problem...

Anyone got any recommendations for some 6+ girth?

I am ordered some cock rings and some condoms from Amazon last night but I'm curious to see what everyone's preferences are.

I may have a date this weekend and I've already met the girl once. I don't want to be unprepared.

Before:   18cm erect length                                13 cm       erect girth         

10/18 After Round 1, 12x30% + 13x10% = 25 15.5 cm    erect girth
04/19 After Round 2, Spring 19
10/19 After Round 3, Fall 19
04/20 After Round 4, Optional


Goal: Retired from PE due to satisfaction of penis size.

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timid newbie
Go through this thread here and you will probably find your answer. 
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I use MySize condoms as much as possible but they are not readily available.  Magnums are good but I like Kyng better due to their shape and lubricant smell which isn't to strong.
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i still can't get over the fact i need to buy the my size largest. the big pharmacy by the train station sells them here and i fucking love buying them too coz the girls always give me a right sexy look!

the lubricant smell is quite strong on them btw and also they roll out very long like wtf they're expecting space aliens to roll up with massive gherkin dicks.
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