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Just wondering about the new balls showing up on airport screenings - does this happen?

Also - for health reasons, I believe it is important to be able to check for lumps on the balls - a friend had lumps, which turned out to be testicular cancer.  caught it early and lost one ball, but is cancer free and alive.  It might not be possible to check for irregularities with the implants ?

Any ideas?

Tks,  Steven. 
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@stevenrose I've gone through screening twice since I got my testicular implants. Once when returning home from LAX and another time this month returning from a trip. Both times I was let through no problem. I believe the screeners behind the door can probably see the implants but I was let through no problem and wasn't patted down for secondary screening. With regards to getting checked for testicular cancer, you will need to get tested once a year via ultrasound, I was told which is a better way of getting tested than doing a self check with your hands.
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Thanks for the answer [smile]  Ultrasound makes sense and is a practical solution. 

I guess airport screeners have seen it all [smile]  

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Aero604 wrote:
Sure. I'll see if I can post pics here.

Hey man nice pics, could you possibly tell me about the procedure, everything since you first contacted Dr. Elist until the the day you went home with new balls? And I read a few other posts about the implants being sutured to the scrotum, is that true? And would you recommend Dr. Elist?
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Aero604 wrote:
1. Is pre-op. My natural testicles. You can see that my scrotum doesn't really fill out with my testicles which were small pre-op.
2 and 3. One week after. You can see that Dr Elist did the incision underneath my sack which is hidden from view. Most of that scar is now gone. You can see that my sack is filled. At this point my scrotum was really tight. The right testicle implant was pushed high against my body.
4 and 5. 3 months after the operation. It's healed smoothly. Now I need to work on having my balls hang lower.

Overall, I am very happy with the results. My partner loves the size of my testicles with the implants.

Hey Aero, I just posted an inquiry over in the testicular enhancement category. Care to take a look and respond?
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Toolman wrote:
I've had the XL in October 2014, and wife says all it good.  They are noticeably harder than normal, but that's who I've become I guess.  Man with large hard balls.  They do hang higher because the larger size takes up more volume in the sack, so they are higher.  I've started doing some ball pumping to stretch them, which seems to help.  

Hey Toolman,
I just posted an inquiry over in the testicular enhancement category. Care to take a look and respond? You and Aero604 have been about the only positive guys on the testicular implants. Thanks, man.
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Hello all I'm a new registered user although I've been reading extensively about testicular enlargement. I'm most interested in testicular enlargement to increase the size of my bulge in underwear. From reading I've found there are a few options, please let me know if there are additional options available
1. Cup/crescent shaped implants attached to the testicles (Dr E seems to be the only one offering it at this time)
2. Something called PMMA(?) which from what I gather is silicone injections into the scrotal sack?
3. A user had AART implants in which the natural testicles are attached near the back of the scrotum high enough so that they're 'out of the way' then AART implants are inserted. (This may be some conjecture on my part)

I haven't seen or read about any other options.
Is there anything like a sack that can be filled with a liquid/substance to increase the volume of the scrotum area?
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Hey PMMA and silicone are two different things. You don't want PMMA in your sac, silicone is what most people get and it can be injected and much less invasive than ball surgery - but I don't know much about the implants. There is also HA which is temporary - and also injected - which will last a year or two and probably your most expensive non surgical option. 
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I have a couple questions for Aero604:

1. What size did you opt for?

2. It's now been 2 years since you got them, have you had any complications, or are you still happy with them?


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An updates?

Before:   18cm erect length                                13 cm       erect girth         

10/18 After Round 1, 12x30% + 13x10% = 25 15.5 cm    erect girth
09/19 After Round 2, 14x30% + 6x10%
10/19 After Round 3, TBD
04/20 After Round 4, TBD


Goal: Retired from PE due to satisfaction of penis size.

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