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Hello, this is my first post here.  I'm not actually a doctor, but I am a biochem student interested in becoming one.
I've been interested in the Priapus shot to help with some ED and overall EQ, and if i gain some size out of it, well thats good too.

I live in Austin tx and the shots around here are 1600-1800$.  Certainly no price reduction since they started.  

I had injured my penis a couple years ago with aggressive PE which resulted in Soft Glans/CS.  I had a vein ligated, which fixed the problem.  It then opened up as i believe the doctors sutures came out.  I had the vein finally removed (superficial dorsal vein) and great EQ for a while, but then after masturbating too many times one day i had strong pain in my glans, and EQ has been reduced.  Glans used to get so full and hard after the procedure that the semen sometimes couldn't come out b/c the urethra was compressed by the pressure.  Now things are decent, I can get a full glans with proper stimulation and a bit of cialis, but morning wood and whatnot are still lacking and I dont have that "throb" like i did.  

I'm hoping the PRFM could help rejuvenate the penis especially the glans where I have experienced pain and discoloration.  
My stats pre pe were about 5.9 bpel x 4.4 mseg.  After some PE it was 6.25x4.5, which went to 4.3 girth with soft glans.  Now its back to about 6x4.5.

Anyways, i can't justify spending almost 2k dollars on a procedure that might provide some minor benefit.  

I've researched centrifuges and I could probably get a somewhat decent one for around 300$.  I'm thinking of making my own PRFM.  The only part i'm not sure of is the "activation" of the matrix.  How is this accomplished?  I will post progress etc if i continue with this.  If anybody has insight into the procedure i would be greatly interested.  Thanks you!

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I had it done. I think the doctor used 20 mm of calcium chloride. I was planning to do my own also. You can buy the phlebotomy kit for like $30-$50. Let me know if you do it.
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tom kat
i think the key to getting results with the prp is by doing multiple and consistent sessions (not just 1 or 2), so doing your own setup seems pretty good.
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I think it can work, but I'm afraid of possible complications.
Is anyone here did it ?

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