Has anyone tried Russianstarpeptide.com

They have alot of reviews and linking to different forums.
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No I have not.  All the clinical studies state that DHT is only effective on boys with micro penis who are prepubescent. No effect on men post puberty.  It can treat gynecomastia in men.  It will grow a women's or ftm's clit.  Funny how hormones work. People will claim any thing to sell something.
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Yes. I hope some members had some reviews

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Get 12% and cycle with finasteride or DHT blocker. 30 days finasteride, than 30 days DHT gel dont take too much so you dont get shutdown

Here is what i have gathered as info

How To Super Charge The DHT Method
You can literally supercharge your penis size gains by increasing the number of
androgen receptors in the penile tissue above your normal range. This method
can be even more effective than using topical Dht alone. Here's how to do it.
One of the effects of Finasteride, a drug prescribed for prostate problems and hair
loss, is to reduce the amount of Dht in the body. I won't go into the medical
details but generally these drugs block type 2 5-alpha reductase. So your body
can't convert testosterone to Dht.
The lack of Dht in the body causes an upregulation of androgen receptors. The
receptors build to a high level like a developing adolescent has. When you cease
using Finasteride and Dht begins to build up again, for a short time penis growth
in accelerated to incredible proportions. You can make huge gains with this
Here's what you do:
First you need to get hold of some Finasteride. This drug is called Proscar (5mg)
for prostate use and Propecia (1mg) for hair loss. Same drug just different
strengths. The 1mg dose is enough for our purposes. You can either get a
prescription or order it online. Generic Finasteride is also readily available online
and amazingly cheap (most guys order the 5mg dose and cut it into 5 pieces to
save even more money).
Start taking the Finasteride between cycles when you're not using the Andractim
and exercises. Use it for at least a few weeks to allow Dht to reduce and
androgen receptors to upregulate.
When you are ready to start a new growth cycle cease use of the Finasteride a
few days before you start the cycle.

Yeah with the use of fanasteride dead penis is quite common. As a matter of fact the fanasteride company has been sued by thousands of men because of the long term to perminent erectile dysfunction, low libido and gyno that fanasteride is causing by blocking the male hormone dht.

This is why I have been tryng to find supplements to block dht for a month to make our andgregen receptors more sensetive so when it's time to cycle back on dht, the effects are greatly enhanced.

Ronielle cycled on fanasteride for 1 month then dht for the next month and did this for 3 whole cycles in a row. During his fanasteride cycle he openly admitted to me that his libido was super low and his natural non chemical erections were almost nonexsistant from his dht levels being supressed from the fanasteride.

During his DHT gel cycles his libido and natural erections returned with a vengence. 3 rotations of cycling finasteride and dht month to month and he had to stop because he claims his girth was getting to large for his clients to handle which was 7 inches in girth. Almost approaching the girth of a soda can.

Since fanasteride has a shit ton of horror stories on the long term erectile dysfunction it's causing men, we need to find another alternative to block dht in 4 week intervals so when it's time to use dht, growth will be enhanced more the way Ronielle claims worked for him.

For those taking fanasteride and dht at the same time this is no good. DHT gel is not entirely locolized fellas. Yes if you put it on your dick the concentration of dht will be more so in the penis but the dht will get in your blood stream for a systematic effect. Taking fanastride is completely systematic and blocks dht everywhere in the body. It also blocks dht localization in the penis as well which will cancel out and negate the whole purpose of putting dht gel on your penis in the first place.

This is why lots of men report numbed out penis head syndrome and also report penis size loss while on fanastride not to mention gyno. When you block out a major antiestrogen male hormone like DHT, male characteristics can deminish and feminizing effects can take place.

Using fanasteride and dht gel at the same time will get you no where. Cycling fanasteride to lower dht levels for 4 weeks at a time then dropping fanasteride and using dht gel for 4 weeks at a time according to Ronielle is the key. Add a good PE routine and gains should be great.
Ronielle then told me to use dutasteride instead of finastride because dutasteride actually blocks both types of dht in the body while finastride only blocks 1. He told me the last couple of dht cycles he switched to cycling dutasteride and dht month to month resulting in him having to stop because of his girth getting to big. He’s saying that by only taking these DHT blocking drugs for 1 month at a time that no permanent long term problems should happen.

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What kind of gains??
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Just ordered. As soon as I get it. I will do my own log. People recommend 6 months to get anything major gains. Will do Finasteride with it.

Monthly updates
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Please do tell what your regimine is (dosage, drug, etc...) I’m interested but not the harsh side effects
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I've been pretty curious about this product myself, but haven't seen many testimonials, so it's nice to see someone on here giving it a try. I've always wondered what kind of effects such a strong dose of DHT (applied locally, of course) would have, since most people only experimented with the weaker Andractim stuff back in the day.

I'm curious to hear if it's actually what it claims to be (a genuine 20% DHT topical), and if it has any effect in addition to that. Oh, and if it arrives without problem (not sure if you're in the US, though).

Also, just realized you'll be experimenting with Fin in addition to that. It seems like an interesting and tricky road to traverse, but I get where people are coming from when they suggest that it may have a place in a ChemPE routine. Regardless, it'll certainly help the community to have another account of the Fin + DHT combo, too. I may be remembering wrong, but I can really only think of one, thus far.

Best of luck and safe experimenting.

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As soon as I get the package ill update with the pic. I'll follow the above protocol.
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I am also very interested in this idea. If i had the money and a source of good quality chems, I'd try it as well. Since there has been something like 153% increase in tissue in the first 4 weeks of using DHT cream and pumping in MtF individuals, reported, there must be some link between biological females and prepubescent men. If it is simply the amount of androgen receptors being down regulated to cope with the amount of androgens circulating in an adult male, finding some way for the body to increase the number of them seems like a legitimate solution
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I would like to try Chemical PE! I've read a little bit regarding this topic at Thunderplace forum! Is possible to gain 1 inch in Length only doing Chemical PE, jelqing and manual stretching? Please, keep in mind, I've never done PMMA!!!  However, I'm currently using Penis Extender and I practiced the jelqing method for 6 months last year. My currently penis measurement is 6 Inch erect length, 6.5 inches erect base girth and 6.0 inches middle girth. My goal is at least 7 inches length and 6.5 inches middle girth circumference! 

What about penile surgery? Can I reach my length goal with surgery? What doctor do you recommend in USA? I am from Chicago, IL.

thanks in advance for your help


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Hm, I've been looking into chemical pe for some time now! This will be a interesting topic [smile]
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Got the product
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I got the product. Here is what I got. Ignore my previous comment. This is how they send it now. It's for reason for the customs. 2 drops 2 times a day. Starting today. Will update in a week.
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DHT cream/gel won''t work.

In fact, you can inject DHT based hormones directly into your body for months at a time in concentrations that will be thousands of times stronger than the gel.

I have done this with Trenbolone acetate.

It's DHT based. It will make your beard grow, it will make your hair fall out, it will make you horny, it will make you burn fat, it will make you jacked, it will make you more assertive and more energetic. It can cause gynecomastia if combined with a high testosterone body, natural or otherwise.

It will not make your dick bigger.

You have no chance with this.
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