I have posted my experience with Dr. Elist on this site and how I had it removed. I talked to the California medical board about my experience but now they are now getting back to me.
 I"m just curious if anyone has ever heard of anyone keeping it in?
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I have heard of a few people keeping it in. The couple from Canada have had theirs in for over two years. The one guy that I communicated with stated that he does have protrusions and it looks unnatural when laying down. They mostly enjoy it when hard because it's not easy to detect the implant. He stated that both sides of it stick out when he is reclining, but he is okay with that for now. He spent a lot of money and is going to use it to his sexual advantage for as long as possible. I have not heard of many people keeping it. Elist's office would not have people contact me who had the implant for over two years. I asked them a few times. Like so many on the boards, I was happy with mine for the first few months and then things went south with the protrusions and pain where the mesh patch was placed near the head of my penis. I had it removed 5 weeks ago and feel so much better now after having that annoying object in my body for 10 months. 
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