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Skeptical One

Women and men co-equally makeup society, so in order for women to have favor over men, men would have to be complicit in this regard, considering most Western Society has historically (and up until a decade or two ago) been more male-dominant in most facets of society. In other words, men have to allow women to walk all over them if they are to forfeit what was already theirs. And this seems to be the case... more men going soft & complacent for whatever reason.

On the flip side, I'm neither upset or troubled by it. Being a "man" or "masculine" shouldn't be threatened by men who are inept or women who choose to be unhappy by wittingly (or unwittingly) emasculating their counterparts. Only if it becomes so overbearing that even the act of flirting innocently is treated by society as a whole as some sort of predatory behavior will I flip out. That's when our very evolutionary purpose is gutted for the sake of some misguided agenda.

While I don't advocate politics (it's essentially against forum rules), I will vaguely assert one reminder: the radical left may happily promote a breakdown in gender identification, feminism, etc, but the radical right are no less innocent when their fragile male egos are triggered by an irrelevant vocal minority. The truth is times are changing and for those among us who want to be a man, think about being a "good" man rather than a "manly" man.

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Being "good" is always a noble goal, Fellas. Improve yourself every day, step by step, and forget about life's unfair elements. If you keep doing that one day you'll improve yourself so much that you'll forget how unfair it is because suddenly things most things will start going your way...which will also be unfair, but in your favor.
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Thanks Skeptical One, I was struck by the experience the females had transitioning to males in this video.
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Great article
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