Dr. Franklin Emmanuel Kuehhas
Vienna, Austria
Peyronie Disease and Congenital Curvature Surgery, works with Dr. Egydio
Medical University of Vienna ; Department of Urology; Währinger Gürtel 18-20, 1090 Wien
E-mail: franklin.kuehhas@meduniwien.ac.at

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Skeptical One
That's not a fair review of a physician nor appropriate based on just a consultation alone. Even if you were a licensed clinical psychologist, it would still be highly inappropriate to draw such a conclusion based on an initial meeting. That doesn't mean that this doctor is or isn't what you suggest he is, but I politely ask you reword your post. Something along the lines of "not a good first impression, didn't seem interested, etc etc," thanks.

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Okay it was probably unreasonable of me to have done so.
Based on a consultation I had with this man he came across as an untrustworthy individual
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Over on the peyronies disease forum he is a hero. From what I have seen posted over there by people who have had their penis straightened by him/them there are a lot of positive reviews, compared to a lot of the bad stories you will read from people who have had the nesbitt procedure.
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