Dr. Robert H Stubbs
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

plastic surgeon
rhino plasty, penis enlargement via FFT
1 416-927-9900


Disclaimer: what worked for me may not be suitable for another person. We all have different bodies, medical history, etc. What worked for me now could change in the future.
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Dr. Robert Stubbs does lengthening, graft and FFT procedures. They are fairly cheap and the price for fat transfer is almost $1,900. His before and after pictures look really good, it seems he really makes your dick looks even and natural. I know a lot of people here either did PMMA or is going to, hell I even think its looks pretty damn good, but I'm still unsure. I just want something that could work for me. Too me PMMA is great for having a fat hog and boosting your self esteem, but there are so many risks. I have a micro penis and I can't really afford to lose any length. FFT gets reabsorbed and can cause lumps, I assumed if we just wrapped it then it would look fine, but there's also the issue of your dick feeling
like a marshmallow, and possibly E.D.
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Tried calling Dr. Robert Stubbs in February, 2019, and the phone company says "this number can't receive calls any longer". 

Checked Stubbs' website, and it says 'no longer accepting patients'. 

Has he gone out of business?
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Probably retired. 
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