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Hi Hoddle, Of course he was! Silly me, but that Hoddle-Waddle era was a bit before my time. Appreciate the help. Do you have a link for Ralph? I can't.seem to find him anywhere? Maybe an email address? Also, what order would you suggest? Would FFT be the starting point or the lig cut with Ralph? I will arrange consultations and keep you posted on what both say. Although the combination may seem the preferable option at this stage I completely take your point. This would be my choice. You have made me very aware of risks.

I wouldn't suggest any of it. The lig cut is a rubbish surgery in my opinion. FFT is a gamble.

Here is a link to David Ralph:
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Hi Krugman,
I can see that despite the posts from myself and hoddle advising you
not to have phalloplasty surgery you still seem keen to go ahead with
it. That being the case there is no need for you to go to the U.S.A.
or Brazil to have the surgery done. You can,(if you wish) go to
Germany which now claims to be the world champion in penis
Go to German Centre for Urology and Phalloplasy - Darmstadt.
If you can't find it just Google "Phalloplasy Surgery" and it will come up.
I have nothing to do with this clinic so I'm not trying to promote it,so
hope the Moderator accepts this and doesn't ban me.
Anyway they claima new procedure for lengthening without scar problems.
Also new method of fat injection without the problem of lumps and say they
can increase the penis head by 30 to 50%. However they won't do it until
six months after you've had the lengthening/girth surgery done by them.
Let us know how you get on.
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That's just Dr Jethons clinic. It's a rip off and offers regular FFT. They charge way too much.

Also you don't need to go to Germany, as he also performs surgery in the UK, or at least he did last time I heard. 
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Hi guys.
Pretinho, no I do take the advice. But I am probably going to go to a consultation or two. Not arranged yet though. I have been in touch with Mr Ralph's office. I was told a Dr Christopher Nim would be willing to have a consultation. I had never heard of him, but after a little research, he seems a straight shooter. In articles written in 2006, he mostly seems against lig cutting surgery, like you guys. I need to make clear my expectations to him before I am willing to have a consultation. For £300, I expect a few email responses. I will have a look at the German clinic, but I have read reports that they market aggressively and respond to intelligent questions in the same way. Also Clinic Brazil is in Russia, I believe. But, I probably would want anything done in blighty. Still, with 12-18 months for a decision, I can sit back and read for a bit.
Cheers lads.
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DO NOT go anywhere near the Viel twins (Mauricio / Roberto). There as so many horror stories (mine) included. They are not skilled, the make a lot of mistakes that take years and years to be corrected.

BE WARNED they are terrible at what they do and they are not specialists in anything - they are just after your dosh, and if it goes wrong they'll never admit it.

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Google what they did to Pete Burns.
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