i just had surgery to remove Elist implant on Monday. I had the implant for 8 months. Started to bend and protrude. Dr Solomon did the surgery as well as a ligament cut. I’m freaking out I’m very retracted. I just want my normal length back. I was an inch shorter erect from implant. Any helpful advice would be appreciated
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I am in the same horrible situation as you are. I am now close to three inches shorter. I was severely depressed for a while.  I am now finally learning to accept the reality.  I really hope that you would have better luck than I do.  If you would like to report your case to the Medical Board's investigator, please feel free to message me.  I would forward the information to you.  
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Look at - it is all about stretching, hanging, clamping, natural PE etc. A lot of guys post their routines. I don't know about Elist implant removal but have had grafts removed. Off the top of my head, your dick didn't lose mass, it is retracted from scar tissue. I'd do research on high and low-intensity hanging/stretching and fight the retraction - and sorry about your situations. PE is traumatic enough, having it go wrong is consuming. 
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Brother we on this subject have all been there and are there. You are not alone! I had mine out  8 months ago and I lost 2 inches that have not come back. I also lost  most feeling in shaft that has not come back.  I am using a pump and the SIZE GENETICS to get size back. I suggest you do the same. The scaring makes  the retraction worse. You may need to get scar tissue removed. The stretching  and TIME will help get the size back. 
IF anyone ever starts a class action suit against Dr. Elist PLEASE include me!
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We should do a class action suit against Elist he ruined my life I reported him to the board and because of all the disclaimers he makes you sign he got off with slap on hand, his license to practice medicine should be revoked permanently !
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