I have read about multiple sizes for the Elist. But what are they? What is the size of these? Like PLGA scaffolds or what have you is 4mm. How are the Elists measured?
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Prince Maximizer
I just had a phone consultation with the assisting doctor today and that he said there are 3 sizes, L, Xl, and XXL which provide 1.5 to 3 inches increase. Don't know exactly how they measure the actual size, but I'm going in for a personal consult to see the implant sizes.
Hope that helps.
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u seem very interested in dr elist dispite all the bad reviews on that doctor
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NPEL: 7.25"
EG : Reached Goal"
Pre PMMA Size| Post PMMA Size

Firsts round PMMA February 20th 2013 

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Prince if you read this forum thoroughly there is no way that you can come away with any other opinion but Elist is a mad scientist and a butcher. Do yourself a favor and research before you end up making a terrible decision.
I was not sure yet, but I am sure now!!
That is my opinion for what its worth.....about 2 cents!!!!

Pre Op
3.5" FL
4.0" FG
5.75" EL
6.25" BPEL
4.75" EG

Pmma round 1 21cc of 30% Metacril and 3cc of 10% Metacril
4.5" FL
4.5" BFG
4.25" MSFG
4.75" Behind Glans FG
5.5" EL
6.25" BPEL
5.5" BEG
5.25" MSEG
5.75" Behind Glans EG

Round 2 Day 16 20cc of 30% Metacril and 4cc of 10% Metacril
FL 4.5"
FG 5.25" whole shaft
EL 5.75"
BEG 6.5"
MSEG 6.0"
BGEG 5.875"
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